Your Social Media Profile Is An Indicator To Get Admission In A College

 10 - 03 - 13
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Follow These 6 DO’s And DON’T’s!

Being visible on social media platforms is the hottest trend of this technology-driven era. While this trend plays an important role to connect people, it also has a strong influence on the decision of admission officers who sometimes skim your profile to know your activities. The fact that you are available on social platforms will say a lot about you and the admission officer will be interested to know that information.
According to a recent survey, it is revealed that 27% of the colleges who collected admission forms looked through the social media profile of the candidates. Out of those 27% colleges, 26% checked the social media profile of the candidates. And for your information, 35% of those colleges negatively marked the candidates after viewing their social media profile.
This data is enough to establish the strong impact of social media on the decision of admission officers. Therefore, as a promising candidate, you must know the DO’s and DON’T’s of being visible on a social media platform. Follow the information in this article to make sure that you are making the right impact on the admission officers.
1. Use an Appropriate Profile Photo
Use a profile photo that reflects your right image to the viewers. Your photo must be appropriate and must go well with your personality. The admission committee will be looking for someone who has a pleasant personality, so use a photo that shows you in that aspect.
2. Remove Inappropriate Photos
Your social media page must not have any vulgar photos or videos. Always use appropriate photos and remove any pictures that is explicit or that shows you in a bad state. Check your page on daily basis for any such image that makes your reputation bad in the eyes of the admission board.
3. Unsubscribe From Controversial Fan Pages and Groups
Remove any fan page or groups from your account that you do not want to be identified by. If you are not comfortable with mentioning a particular social media page on your college admission application, then you should immediately unsubscribe from it.
4. Be Cautious While Commenting
Remain conscious every time you post a comment or picture on your social network. Never make any racist or derogatory comments about anyone on your page. Racism is never justified no matter what you have gone through your life. Your remarks can offend the admission officer and influence his decision. Beware that there is a whole world out there who will take your comments more seriously than you may think.
5. Build Your Image
You can use your social media profile to project you in a positive light. With your social media profile, you can draw the attention of your admission officer to the strong points of your personality and other things that match with the course you are applying for.
Consider the image you would want to put across to the admission officer. Create that image in a way that can convince the admission officer that you are the right candidate for the course. Image building is the ultimate thing and you should capitalize on it via a good social media presence.
6. Do Not Lie
The information you have included about yourself on your social media platform will have an effect on the decision of the admission officer. If you have mentioned anything wrong or false about yourself or your educational background, then it will have severe implications on your college admission application.
Therefore, you must provide only genuine and authentic information about who you are. Remember that admission officer always confirm the information provided by the applicant. So, always avoid lies.

Guest Post by Brendon Taylor

Brendon Taylor is a content marketing specialist at coursework point,one of the leading consultancy service in the UK.He also contributes to education blogs as a freelance writer..

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