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 06 - 25 - 12
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Higher education through online educational media study tools

Online learning has begun to gain acceptance by the education industry as an adequate and practical way of obtaining a higher education. Most online education environments are easily accessible and the most convenient way to obtain a higher education course material through standard internet connection and a basic home computer. Technology is an industry that is always growing and ever changing, thus even the most notable educational institutions in the country have started to offer students an alternative to the traditional classroom learning setting, by giving students the option of controlling their interactions through the option of an online education commonly referred to as ‘e-learning’.

A study released in June of 2009 by the U.S. Department of Education published on Inside Higher Ed , shows that there was a statistically higher rate of performance when students received their education online verses inside of a traditional classroom setting. The study also noted that students who received intermingled course studies, combining online learning with the traditional classroom learning had an even higher consistent rate of accomplishment. According to the study student tend to spend most time on online tasks than they do on face-to-face instructional tasks, resulting in a greater success rate for the online education option.

While is a free online service that allows users to upload and watch video recording from music videos to foreign commercials, it has also become an online learning tool as well for most higher education institutions. By providing students with a video realia which professors can upload onto to compliment textbooks, course lectures and classroom materials, professors are able to give a secondary option of resources, encourage students to broaden their source spectra and engaging students in a visual accolade to their textbooks or lectures.

Myspace is generally viewed as a social media network in which students connect with friends and family, use of this online social media networking tool has shown to strengthen the lines of communication between students and teachers according to BrightHub Education. Teachers are able to create a Myspace page using digital representation and classroom curriculum where student can access homework instructions and discuss topics with the teacher or fellow students regarding assignments or books involved in specific lectures that are intriguing or difficult for them. Myspace allows teachers to use the bulletin and status update feature to give reminders of when assignments are due or inform the student of suggested secondary materials that could be used for study materials.

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