Ultrasound Technician Specialties: 3 Popular Sonography Careers

 08 - 16 - 12
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The “I-want-to-become-an-Ultrasound-Technician” resolution of yours is indeed praise-worthy, since upholding this particular profession not only yields a lofty salary figure but also gives you the opportunity to indulge in the ultrasound technology, which, let me assure you, is thoroughly an exciting technical work (there’s no chance you will doze off at work!). Now, for your kind inspection, we have here enlisted the top 5 ultrasound technician specialties, with the hope that you can decide which ultrasound career appeals you the most.

3 Popular Diagnostic Medical Sonography Careers: Which Ultrasound Specialty Appeals You?

 1. Obstetrics/Gynecology Sonographer
It was the obstetrics and gynecology (in short, OB/GYN) field from where the ultrasound technology first gain its name and fame of being the safest diagnostic medical imaging technique. Thanks to the OB/GYN sonography, pregnant women and her husband can easily discover what their unborn baby’s sex would be, if they want to.
Besides telling the sex of the unborn baby, the OB/GYN sonography also monitors the fetal growth, to detect and treat (to some extent) the physical deformities in the unborn baby before it steps out from its mother’s belly.
At present, the earning potentiality of the OB/GYN Sonographers ranges from a mere &50,000 to as much as over $80,000 per annum, provided that the region where of their employment has a high population growth rate. 
2. Breast Sonographer

Another highly lucrative ultrasound profession, which yields a yearly salary wage of around $62,000, goes with the name of breast sonographyand, needless to say, is concerned with diagnosing the lumps or other abnormalities in breast that were first detected by mammography.
With the use of breast sonography technique, an ultrasound tech will be able to generate the sonograms of breast tissues in such detail that it can assist the physicians to ascertain whether the abnormality (i.e. the breast lump) is caused by fluid or solid substance and thus diagnose the abnormality as a benign cyst or a cancerous tumor respectively. 
3. Cardiac Sonography

In terms of money, the best ultrasound specialty is that of Cardiac Sonographers, since they get to indulge in a lofty salary figure of over $85,000 per annum. Now, the credit for this handsome salary figure goes to the fact that cardiac sonography (also dubbed as echocardiography) is all about monitoring the condition of the human heart and blood flow.
Thanks to the cardiac sonography, physicians would not have to undertake the risky surgeries. Diagnosis and, yeah, treatment of certain heart related problems can easily be done though the inspection of the cardiac sonograms. Ultrasound techs, specializing in cardiac field, are well trained to perform the cardiac imaging techniques like the color-flow mappings and the Doppler ultrasound.

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