The Top Majors that will Land You a Job

 01 - 17 - 14
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Are you trying to figure out a good major? Then continue reading to find out the top majors that will land you a great job after graduation.

Finding the Best Major

In today’s world the unemployment rate is the highest it’s ever been. So you need to make sure that when you are choosing your major that there will be a demand for it after graduation. Getting a good education is one of the most important things if you want a high paying job. When you start looking at different majors make sure that what you choose is in demand you don’t want to go to school for four years and then find out that your major is in a dwindling field. You will see that there are many rewarding majors that will offer you job security after you have graduated.

Electrical Engineer

Choosing this major will help you after you graduate. There is a growing demand in almost all fields related to engineering. There is huge shortage of qualified engineers in the country. You must have at least a bachelor’s degree to become a certified engineer, which requires at least four years in college. After you graduate and obtain an entry level position you can expect to earn at least 50,000 dollars per year, which is amazing in this economy.


Any major in the healthcare field is a plus. The healthcare field is booming and is always in high demand. Choosing a major in pharmacy will be highly beneficial after graduation. Studies have shown that with a degree in pharmacy you will be able to obtain a position that will allow you to make at or above 42,000 dollars per year.

Registered Nurse

This has been and probably always be a field that is in high demand. Becoming a registered nurse takes at least four years of college, but is well worth the continued education. You will have the chance to help people all while earning a great income. A registered nurse fresh out of college can expect to earn at least 40,000 dollars per year. There are also many different branches of nursing that you can choose from. You could choose to work in a nursing home or hospital.


This is booming field of study. There is a very high demand for people that are well versed in all aspects of computers. You could study anything from graphic design, designing new computer software to building new computers. If you have a degree in computers, no matter which field you study, you can expect to make at least 60,000 dollars per year with a little experience.


Anyone that likes numbers should consider getting a degree in Math. There are so many different possibilities that you can choose from. There is a high demand for math teachers. For those that don’t want to be teachers you could get a position working as an accountant or in an insurance company.
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