PMAEE 2013 Entrance Examination Passers

 09 - 23 - 13
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PMA released the result of  PMAA-PMA Entrance Examination / PMAPQT-PMA Cadet Qualification Test. This was the first phase of the selection process of cadetship applicants to compose PMA Class of 2018. According to the article posted in the academy website,1,450 Passed,  from a total number of 12,195 applicants who took the PMA Cadet Qualification Test on August 25, 2013 in 37 examination centers nationwide. And only 11,978 were able to complete the said test.

Complete list of 2013 PMA Entrance Examination Passers

The passers will have  to undergo the next phase of the selection process for PMA Cadetship which is the PMACPE-PMA Complete Physical Examination(CPE)  to be conducted at the Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Center. Each applicants are required to undergo Physical exercises that will be administered during the physical fitness test . Applicants have to pass also  the medical and psychological examinations. This tests will determine their fitness to undergo the four-year military training in the Academy.
The final phase of the exam after passing all screening requirements is the deliberation and selection of PMA Cadet Procurement Board of the most qualified candidates  who are expected to report to Philippine Military Academy on April 1, 2014.
Upon admission to the Cadet Corps, Armed Forces of the Philippines, one is able to avail of a free college education with a well-rounded curriculum, as well as, receive monthly pay and allowances. After graduating from the Academy, he/she is guaranteed a progressive career as an officer in the Army, Navy or Air Force.
Aside from the list of passers posted online, successful examinees will also receive letter informing that they passed the 2013 PMA Entrance Examination. The following requirements should be prepared and submitted when you report to PMA Candidate Control and Liaison Office, AFP Medical Center, V-Luna Road, Quezon City for your CPE.

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