MU Sholarship and Admission for Misamis University

 04 - 24 - 11
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Misamis University (MU) – a privately owned, non-sectarian, non-profit educational institution in Northwestern mindanao catering thousands of students in providing quality and exceptional education .

MU is  the first and only ISO certified university by Det Norske Veritas, The Netherlands for Quality Education and Service in Mindanao  receiving  ISO 9001:2000 and  ISO 9001:2008 certification  for its Quality Management System pertaining to educational, research and training services.
If you are interested in the academic programs offered in this University,  check out the procedures for admission below:

For freshmen
High school graduates enrolling in college for the first time must submit the following requirements:
  1. High School Report Card ( Form 138)
  1. 5 copies 2×2 picture (with name)
  2. Certificate of good moral character from the Principal and the Barangay Captain.
  1. Birth Certificate duly certified by the National Statistics Office (NSO)
In addition to the above admission requirements, there might be specific requirements to be complied with depending on a particular course. Please see your College Admission Officer.

For Transferee’s 

Transfer students are those coming from and enrolled in other schools who wish to enroll in the University. Former college students of the Misamis University after having enrolled in other institutions, are also considered transfer students
At the time of enrollment, a transferee must submit the following credentials:
  • a certificate of transfer credentials from the last school attended;
  • a statement of good moral character signed by the adviser and certified by the Dean or Head of the school;
  • an informative copy of the transcript of records which should include the descriptive title of the subjects taken and passed, the number of units and the grades earned;
  • two (2) copies of 2×2 picture (black and white);
  • other departmental requirements

    Here is the detailed  Enrollment Procedure
    Step 1. Dean’s Office
    a. Submit credentials/records for evaluation 
    b. Comply college admission requirements 
    c. Secure Preliminary Enrolment Form (MU-REG-001) 
    d. Secure Application for Admission (MU-DSA-002) 
    – For new, transferee, shiftee & returnee 
    Step 2. DSA Office
    a. Interview 
    – Submit MU Scholarship report of rating (if applicable)
    Step 3. Accounting Office
    a. Pay for School ID and Entrance Fee 
    Step 4. Registrar’s Office
    a. Present receipt of ID and entrance fee 
    b. Secure temporary ID Card (Yellow Card) 
    c. Present approved Preliminary Enrolment validation form (MU-REG-001) 
    d. Secure Registration/Enrolment Form (MU-REG-002) 
    Step 5. Dean’s Office
    a. Submit accomplished MU-REG-002 for encoding of subjects/schedule 
    b. Secure Certificate of Enrolment and Assessment of Fees (MU-REG-023) 
    c. Secure and fill-up NSTP form 
    d. Submit Application for Admission (MU-DSA-002) 
    Step 6. Guidance Center (For new, transferee, shiftee & returnee) 
    a. Secure and fill-up MU-GCC-001 
    b. Undergo Psychological Test/Assessment 
    Step 7. Management Information System  
    (For new, transferee, shiftee & returnee) 
    a. Report to the Photographer for ID picture taking 
    Step 8. Registrar’s Office (old students) 
    a. Submit MU-REG-023 and ID for validation

    Contact Details:for questions and informations about admission
    Address of Misamis University:  HT Feliciano St., Ozamiz City MSC 7200 Philippines
    Phone: +6388 521 0367 
    Fax: +6388 521 2917  
    Email address : [email protected]
    official website:

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      ISO standards contribute more to a company&#39;s economic sustainability than ever before. An increasing number of manufacturers and business customers will not even do business with a supplier that is not ISO certified.<br /> 

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