Looking To Make A Difference? 5 Degrees You Can Help People With

 11 - 30 - 13
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Most of your day is spent at work, so why not find a career that makes a real difference in the world? For many people, there’s nothing more fulfilling than knowing that they are working to help people every day. The following are only a few of the available degrees that allow you to do some good in your daily nine to five.

Social Work

Social workers help people in a number of different ways. Some help place children in foster care or adoption and help protect them from dangerous home situations. Clinical social workers can offer therapy for struggling adults or children, much like a psychologist. People with either a bachelor’s or master’s degree in social work may help lower income families or veterans find housing, help victims of domestic violence, help recent immigrants assimilate to the new culture, and work in many other varied areas.

Public Health

A master’s degree in public health allows you to work for general health at home, in developing nations, or during a natural disaster and man-made disasters. This can include establishing clean sanitation, developing vaccination and education programs, and planning for emergency situations. The changes public health workers make can save lives and prevent disease.

Non-Profit Management

A master’s degree in non-profit management will prepare you to work within a number of different kinds of non-profit on the administration side of things. You could work for an organization that prevents animal abuse, supports responsible care of the environment, helps struggling families get back on their feet, provides crisis services to struggling individuals, and many other areas. You could also use the skills you learn to start your own non-proft organization.

Communications Degree

Communications degrees help in a number of ways, but the most valuable is a communicative disorders degree. This degree prepares you to work with people who struggle with communication, either due to mental illness or physical challenges. You can help children work through a stutter or help victims of stroke, head injury, or cerebral palsy get their ability to communicate back.

Community Outreach

Community outreach workers uplift their communities and help struggling families. This can include anything from organizing volunteers to physically clean up the neighborhood to starting assistance programs for struggling families and after school mentoring for at-risk youth. Community outreach workers also advocate for people who would otherwise not have a voice when it comes to laws and local business practices.
There are many career paths that will let you help others as part of your daily work. Whether you attend a brick and mortar school or go through a distance learning program, furthering your education in this way will help your neighbors and leave you feeling more fulfilled and excited about your daily routine.
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