How To Write A College Application Essay

 05 - 17 - 12
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Admission essay is an important part of every student’s application and must be done well. If you are not sure of what to write here are some great tips on how to write a college application essay.

Be Concise Although the essay is expected to have a minimum of 250 words without an upper limit, try not to go beyond 700 words because the admission officer has other application letters to read and therefore will only spend a few minutes on your essay.

writing a college application essay

Be Honest – Write about who you truly are, don’t give yourself titles and positions that you don’t have.

Be Yourself –  Present yourself, write about those things that distinguish you from the rest, those things that make you who you are. This is mainly on your mind set, how you think or your mind works.

Be Coherent -Write about one topic at a time. By writing many topics at the same time you will sound superficial, busy and scattered. You are only giving snap shots of yourself.

Be Accurate – Make sure you write a well punctuated essay by making use of semi-colons, commas and the rest and don’t forget to proof read your work.

Be Vivid – A well written essay is like a story so make sure you include names or if you don’t have real names then create some so that the reader will have a clear picture of what you are writing about.

Be Likable – Let it be seen on your essay that you are person that gets on well with others because you will be sharing classes and dorms. Let the reader know that one can have a good time with you.

Be Controversial – Let your essay have a stand on something, it can be a stand on religion, politics or any other serious thing. Have good arguments and reasons for taking that stand and also consider other views made about the subject. This will set you apart because colleges are places where people share ideas and discuss and they are interested in a range of minds.

Be Smart – Show how intelligent you are, this is important because colleges are looking for intellectual minds. Talk about what interest you intellectually, talk about a subject you are interested in and why it interests you.

Cautiously Use Humor – Be funny only if it is necessary, this is because people view jokes differently and some may not take it well.

This are the important guidelines you need to know on how to write a college application essay. If you use them you will be sure your application will be successful.

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