How to Choose a Profession

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In choosing a profession, many people are guided by stereotypes. This appeared long time ago and  are still popular these days.  Take for example a particular stereotype that suggest an idea that there are specifically for women’s and men’s job!
Choosing a Profession
Myth #1. You choose one profession for the whole life.
Nowadays humanity is in the epoch of innovations and technological progress. All the working conditions change all the time and innovations even make new employments.  In order  for the modern worker to  respond  in a dynamic environment, he should be perfect in all working skills, get new education and cope with different professions. It is important to remember that even the well-considered choice of the profession can become wrong.
Myth #2. It is important to choose a fashionable profession.
Labor-market defines a fashionable profession. The necessity in appointed specialists is constantly changing and a number of  existing branches do not mean job placement of all  specialists. If you choose some fashionable profession, it is important to  examine first all its pros and cons.

Myth #3. You should study new profession immediately after school.

All the school-leavers (High school) enter universities or colleges right after school graduation. If somebody doesn’t do that, people will treat him as loser or something like that. Some institutes of higher education have an indispensable condition – a record of service – for all entrants.
Myth #4. In modern society it is not important to know a profession.
Many students especially of elite universities don’t try to study their profession better. They are confident that if they have diploma, this means a guaranteed  success. The reality is that work is constantly changing and you can’t think that your diploma will open all the doors forever.
Guest Post by Paul Smith

Paul Smith

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