Going To College In The Spring? 7 Essentials You Need To Bring With You

 01 - 21 - 14
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Are you going off to college? If you’re taking the long distance journey to your dorm room for the spring semester, it’s important to use all of your luggage space and trunk space wisely so that you have everything you need at your disposal. If you’re moving to a college town or any suburban area, chances are there will be a big box store where you can find larger essentials that will take up all of your space. Here is a list of the 7 essentials that are considered must-haves for new college students starting in spring:

 1. Weather Appropriate Clothing

You might research where all of the night hang outs are, but you should also research what the weather is like in the town you’re relocating to. In spring, chances are you won’t need your biggest winter coat and all of your long underwear, so save the space and pack clothing that will get you through the right seasons. When you visit home for summer or for Thanksgiving, you can pick up all of the winter clothing that you’ll need to bundle up. 

2. Underwear and Socks 

Do you really want to do laundry every 2 to 3 days? If you want to have enough underwear and socks to get through a week or even 2 weeks without having to wash, pack enough under garments. Experienced students suggest to pack at least 2 weeks worth of underwear and socks so that you aren’t rushing to run a load of clothes just to wear fresh socks to class.

3. Laptop with the Right Cords and Accessories 

It’s virtually impossible to complete homework and college classes without a virtual device like a laptop. Be sure to pack your laptop safety and don’t forget all of your computer accessories and your power cords in a rush. Power cords can be very expensive, and buying the wrong cord can actually damage your battery. Having a USB printer can also help you cut down the expense of printing on campus. 

4. A Variety of Shoes 

You need more than just an everyday pair of casual sneakers when you’re attending college. In addition to your everyday shoes, you’ll need dressy shoes for out on the town, running shoes for the gym, flip flops for pool days, hiking boots if you hike, and college slippers to wear around the dorm floors. Having all of the right shoes with you can save you money on-campus. 

5. Bedding 

Your parents might have changed your sheets at home, but you’ll have to fend for yourself in college. Be sure to pack 2 sets of sheets, pillowcases, and even your favorite blanket and pillow if you have room. This gives you enough bedding to rotate so that you’re never stuck without sheets. 

6. Personal Documents and Cards 

You may know that you need a ID or DL, but do you have everything else that you need packed? Don’t forget your car insurance, your medical insurance card, social, birth certificate, ATM card, bank statement and passport. You never know when you might need any of these for verification or for travel. 

7. Bathrobe and Pajamas

You’ll probably be using a community bathroom if you’re going to be living a dorm, so you should pack comfortable pajamas and robes that you can wear in front of anyone. Stick with pajamas that cover you and pack an extra pair for a special someone if you’d like to. 
The checklist of items you need for college goes on and on. It’s important to pack the essentials now and buy the items you can easily pick up at college so that you have extra room. Don’t forget little items that remind you of home, and start packing early. 
Guest Post by Tricia Borren
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