Five of the Most Unusual College Degrees

 11 - 14 - 13
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Colleges have offered a number of different degree programs over the years to keep up with changing technologies, cultural trends, and student demand. Some of these programs have become part of most mainstream universities. Others are unusual because they address specific niches in the world today. There are five very unusual college degrees currently available.

Piano Pedagogy 

Piano pedagogy is offered at colleges like Harper College and Belmont University. The course is an undergraduate class that instructs students in the techniques necessary to teach another person how to play piano. The course covers music education and some teaching. Students who earn a degree could become a professional piano instructors, or a music teacher after acquiring additional teaching credentials.


The University of New Hampshire offers a degree in Eco-Gastrology. Students in this program track food from the point of origin to final consumption. The program looks at agriculture, food processing, distribution and cooking. It studies the economic and environmental impact of the complete food supply chain. Graduates can work in the food industry, or the hospitality industry with this degree.


Astrobiology is an usual degree program because it involves the study of things that have not yet been discovered. Astrobiology involves looking for life on other planets, hypothesizing about different forms of alien life, and studying known biological mechanisms that could lead to life elsewhere. Astrobiologists work for research firms, think tanks, and organizations with an interest in space.


Thanatology is a degree specializing in death. Students learn the psychological, physiological, cultural and ethical elements that surround death. It involves medical, social, and philosophical courses. Thanatology graduates also study the effects of death on surviving friends and family members. A degree in thanatology can lead to a career in forensic science, medicine, or grief counseling.

Military History 

The Norwich online masters degree in military history teaches students how the military has helped to shape the direction and purpose of the country today. It looks at history through the eyes of famous military leaders, and pivotal conflicts. Students who attain this graduate degree can hold a number of positions including military museum curators, communication managers for defense firms, and teachers in colleges and high schools. The degree is also valuable people who enlist in the military.
The truth is that although these degrees might seem unusual, they are actually founded on a combination of different existing curriculums. The programs involve mostly interdisciplinary studies that draw on a wide range of different subjects, which some people consider unrelated. Graduates with one of these unusual degrees have solid skills that can be used in many careers.
Guest Post by Brooke Chaplan
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