Fitting into Your Dorm Room: Five Ideas for Best Utilizing the Space

 11 - 16 - 13
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 If you’re a college student living in a dorm, then you might feel frustrated with your small and drab space. However, there is no such thing as a space that doesn’t have organizational and decor potential. Here are five ideas to help you best utilize your dorm space.
fitting into your dorm room

Be Smart About Storage 

Dorm rooms are nothing if not notoriously tiny. Most college students will have more stuff to store than they will have space. Consider investing in some great storage units to create new storage opportunities in even the smallest of rooms. Storage untis are often great places to store items the student may need while at school, but will not need regularly enough to keep in his or her dorm room, according to Extra Space Storage in Houston.

Stay Organized 

The fastest way to fall behind in your classes and really annoy your roommates is by allowing your dorm room to become a disaster. The best way to really utilize your space is by staying organized. This means that there should be a place for everything and that you should routinely put clothes and items back when you are done wearing or using them.


You won’t really love your space if it’s drab and boring. Even if you aren’t allowed to paint or make major changes, you can still take steps to make your space more gorgeous and welcoming. Find fun wall hangings, paintings and decor accessories to brighten up your drab dorm and give it character.

Work With Your Roommates 

Whether you have one roommate or several, you’ll be much happier if you work together to create the best layout and organizational plan. Instead of taking the typical step of simply dividing the room in half, work together to figure out the best way to organize all of your things – even if that means sharing storage units or closets.

Don’t Get Lazy About Housework 

If you’re new to living on your own, you might not be used to having to do your housework all by your lonesome. But the old adage is true: A clean home is a happy home. Stay on top of daily chores like dusting and vacuuming. It’s much easier to do a little bit of housework every day than to fall behind and have to devote an entire day to majorly cleaning your dorm room.
It’s important to stay organized and clean in your new space. Remember, it takes a bit of time to form habits. Put effort into keeping your dorm organized and tidy every day, and before you know it, these little behaviors will become habits.
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