FCAT FEATI University , College Entrance exam result 2011

 04 - 18 - 11
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FEATI University Admission Requirements and Procedures 

For  Freshmen 

  1. Pass the FEATI  College Admission Test (FCAT)
  2. High School Card (Form 138)
  3. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  4. 3 pcs. 2X2 pictures with name tag
  5. Birth Certificate(photocopy)
  6. Testing Fee of Php 300.00
*  NOTE: The FEATI College Admission Test (FCAT) result is released on the same day.


Step 1. Admission Office

A. NEW STUDENTS – Freshmen/High School Graduates
Step 1: Admissions Office
  1. Application Phase
    a. Fill in Inquiry Table Maintenance
    b. Tour FEATI campus facilities with designated CSA tour guide
    c. Fill-in Consultation sheet
  2. Testing Phase
    a. Pay FCAT fee at the Cashier
    b. Take the FCAT at the Admission office Testing Center
  3. Enrollment Phase SRAA (Student Registration/Advising/Assessment) Pro-forma Phase
    • Proceed to a workstation, log in and use your password
    • You may now enroll electronically
    • If you need help, request assistance from an office staff
While on the workstation update all necessary student information in your file; choose your subjects; establish your schedules; and get a computation of your fees assessment.
  • When done, get your pro-forma hard copy
  • Proceed to the Cashier
Step 2: Cashier Counter
  • Pay the fee and get electronic pro forma receipt and official machine-validated receipt
  • Proceed to Registrar window
Step 3: Registrar Window
  • Get and sign official registration copy and keep a copy for your file
  • You are officially enrolled

Degree programs offered

College of Architecture
Bachelor of Science in Architecture

College of Arts, Sciences and Education
Bachelor of Science Applied Mathematics
Bachelor of Arts In Mass Communication

College of Business
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Management
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Banking and Finance

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management
Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management

College of Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Maintenance Technology
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Geodetic Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
 Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
College of Maritime Education
Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation

Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering 
Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration

Graduate School

Master of Science in Management Engineering
Contact information
For questions and further information contact the University :
Helios St Sta. Cruz Manila
Feati customer care (632) 733-8321 to 25
Email: [email protected]

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