Expand Special Education- Congress Told

 03 - 29 - 14
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The city council of Quezon City took the Congress to task and urged it to amend the local government Code in order to expand the Special Education Fund such that the education system can be able to fund learning opportunities for the youth and adults who are out of school.

Councillor Aly Maadella of the Fifth district pointed out particularly to section 272, which outlines the allocation and application of the special education fund. This was to echo and lay emphasis on the city ordinance SP-2269 that was ratified by Mayor Herbert Bautista.

The major challenges facing the special education fund primarily stem out of the Section 272 of RA 7160. Of principle it limits a number of issues i.e. “the operation and maintenance of public schools, construction and repair of school buildings, facilities and equipment, educational research, purchase of books and periodicals and sports development.” Of concern is the redefinition and expansion of the scope of operation and maintenance of public schools so that it can encompass alternative learning systems (ALS) and hiring of support staff. The ALS targets out-of-school youth and adults whereby the learning is done through modular lessons.

The amendment of the clause is geared towards putting in place measures that will see teachers and school officials attend numerous seminars so as to be able to implement the new B-12 Basic Education Curriculum adopted by the council. The fund is also to cater for schools paying non-teaching personnel and meet their financial obligations such as paying bills among other expenses. This fund covers only the activities in the formal education and to include the ALS, the clause has to be amended. This will ensure that there is continuity in gaining education and offering an opportunity to those who had missed it initially.

Senator Jinggoy Estrada wrote to the congress seeking immediate address of the issue. He called for this amendment since the allocation of these funds does not match with the challenges faced in the education sector.

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