Criminal Justice Scholarship Awards: 4 Popular Agencies!

 08 - 15 - 12
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It would not seem wise to disregard the cost fee or, rather say, the tuition of criminal justice schools, which, to tell you the truth, are in average of $10,000 per year (and even more for the out-of-state students i.e. around $25,000 per year). Hence, considering your small pocket size but big determination to become a criminal justice practitioner, the venerable state governments as well as various other private, institutional and federal agencies have kindly provisioned a number of criminaljustice scholarship awards for the poor-but-ambitious persons.

Introduction to 4 Popular Scholarship Granting Agencies for Criminal Justice Aspirants

1. Federal Circuit Bar Association

Well, if you are interested to pursue the profession of a criminal justice lawyer, then the Federal Circuit Bar Association, which is a national organization, would certainly be there to support you financially, provided that you are eligible for its scholarship awards.
Currently, the Federal Bar Association, through its Charitable and Educational Fund, has been doing the noble job of issuing scholarship awards like the Henderson Scholarship, the Bullinger Scholarship ($5000) and the Giles Sutherland Rich Memorial Scholarship ($10,000) for the worthy candidates seeking law education.
2. Education Portal’s Criminal Justice Award

undergraduate level academic award to the permanent residents or citizens of United States.
To be more specific, the Education Portal offers a sum of $500 to any candidates, who are set on pursuing an undergraduate level degree (i.e. either associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree) in law enforcement, corrections, forensic science, computer forensics and such other criminal justice related fields.
As a side note, let me inform you that Education Portal emphasizes on the candidates, who have done voluntary social works or such other praise-worthy activities; financial condition of the candidate does not matter.

3. NOBLE Scholarship Awards

Issued by the NOBLE i.e. National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, the “Irlet Anderson Scholarship Award” is designed exclusively for providing financial aid to the minority students, seeking criminal justice education (be it at associate’s level or bachelor’s level).
Besides the Irlet Anderson Scholarship Award which pays a sum of around $1000 to $5000, NOBLE also launches “Charles Gittens Scholarship Award” that pays as much as $1,500 to a lucky budget-tight candidate with a GPA of minimum 2.5.
4. Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

Established with the aim to promote and encourage criminal justice education, the “Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences” is one of the most prominent international associations, which has been issuing a number of academic awards (like “Bruce Smith Sr. Award”, “Donal MacNamara Award”, “Minority Mentorship Grant Award”) each year to the outstanding patrons of criminal justice field.
Besides the honorary grants and awards, the ACJS, through its Student Affairs Committee, also offers Student Scholarship Awards to 2 competitive students; one master’s level student and another PhD level student. 

Guest Post by Jason Lexy

Jason Lexy is a police officer and a education consultant. He has been in this field for 10 years. Besides that he also maintain a blog to help new and aspiring candidates to become a criminal justice lawyer see his blog here

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