Apprentices will improve your technical capabilities, and your profits

 07 - 27 - 13
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Ever since the global recession took hold in 2008, job opportunities have become scarcer and the workplace has therefore become far more competitive. The presumed thinking, therefore, is that jobs are too precious a commodity to just give away to someone who doesn’t match the absolute requirements for the role. Well, there is a solution in the form of a compromise that will benefit both the employer and the employee.
That compromise is employing an apprentice in your workplace. Hiring an apprentice – on scales ranging from unpaid to lesser paid – is one of the best ways to increase physical capacity within your office, while affordably training up someone who will later be able to give back more than the sum of the training you provide. An apprentice is a real investment: in human capital, in diversifying labour, in government assistance and tax incentives, and in bringing in new blood.
The benefits of welcoming new blood into your office is twofold: not only do younger people tend to have greater levels of enthusiasm and desire to please, thus improving your output, but the very process of training up a new apprentice can actually allow you to improve your skillset as an employer. For example, when introducing an apprentice to the fundamentals of your industry, it gives you the simultaneous chance to throw light on the core principles of your business, which will allow you to scrutinise your own operations and improve your best practices. Through educating apprentices, you may well find that you find ways to innovate and act in a more cost-effective manner.
Anne Clarke Associates specialise in vocational placements and excellence through training. They are a shining example of a company that can allow you to self-improve through the employment and training of apprentices. These apprentices often bring with them vocational training from academic institutions, adding another string to their bows. And when apprentices bring with them developed, academic skills in specific areas, they will increase an employer’s technical capabilities, and thereby aid their competitiveness in the marketplace. Furthermore, employing apprentices with ties to academic institutions also allow employers to develop close, professional links with local educational establishments. These links will be tailored to each employer’s business needs, thereby creating a recruiting pool that is personal and multi-layered.
Recruiting apprentices to a workforce will instill a sense of loyalty in them that will later pay dividends for the employer. Having educated, skilled, enthusiastic and loyal apprentices on the payroll will attract support not just from the government, but from the shareholders and board of directors, who will benefit from the increased revenues that a more skilled and successful business will earn.
Anne Clarke Associates and similar likeminded vocational companies should be the first step in your search for a greater and better workforce. These vocational advisors can talk an employer through the best recruiting strategy, ensuring that the process is tailored to your industry’s needs, and that both you and the potential apprentices are in full understanding of one another.
Guest Post by Piter Thomas

Piter Thomas

Piter Thomas is an entrepreneur and runs 4 successfully growing businesses. He recommends using Anne Clarke Associates to help you recruit apprentices. Piter can be found blogging about the hurdles that business owners face in today’s market.

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