5 Ways to Juggle Work & School (And Maybe Even a Social Life)

 11 - 16 - 13
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Juggling work, school and even a social life may seem nearly impossible when you are attending college full-time to pursue your degree. Knowing how to manage your time properly and effectively will allow you to be the most efficient and productive at all times. Understanding how to effectively juggle work and school can also leave room for a well-rounded social life if done correctly.
Ways to Juggle Work & School

Create a Visual Schedule

Create a visual schedule that allows you to see all of your work times, class schedules and any meetings or events you plan to attend. Having a visual calendar and schedule is a way to remind yourself of what needs to be done, increasing productivity while keeping you aware of your own day-to-day activities. You can check with course schedules and class times by visiting your college or university’s official website. You can view everything you need to know about each class you are enrolled in when you review course pages online.

Stick With a Routine

Setting and sticking to a routine is another helpful tip if you truly want to manage school, work and even a social life with family and friends. Waking early, sleeping decent at night and avoiding excessive partying on work and school nights is a way to stay focused and motivated towards reaching any goals you have set for yourself. Make sure you optimize your schedule so that you can use your time as effectively as possible. Taking online classes could be a huge help to your schedule if you are working full time. This way, you can work during the day and do your classwork at night. Do research on websites like http://engineering.online.ohio.edu/civil/ to find out how to get your degree with online  classes. You’ll be amazed at how much your schedule opens up when you are not at the mercy of your scheduled class times.

Learn to Say No When Necessary

Learning to say no when it is necessary is another way to stay productive. Even if you want to go out with friends for the evening, saying no and studying or getting work done can ultimately pay off and give you more free time later in the week or down the line. The same goes for work as well. You may need money to survive, but don’t burn yourself out working overtime if you can help it. You need to be able to tell your employer that you can’t work overtime because you have to focus on your studies. If your classes and homework take a backseat, it will show in your performance and grades.

Treat Your Body Right

Treating your body right is essential to properly juggle school, work and your social life. Be sure to implement proper nutrition into your everyday routine along with staying active by exercising. Exercising regularly is a way to reduce stress, release endorphins and keep your body in shape throughout all of the stress and pressure you may feel with working and school. Granted, it can seem nearly impossible to find time to exercise if you are working and going to school. However, you can combine your study time with your workout time by reading your textbook while on the treadmill or elliptical machine. Or, you can combine your exercise time with social time by working out with friends—that way you can interact with your peers and get a good work out in at the same time.

Plan for Downtime

Planning for downtime is another necessity that should be considered when you ant to juggle all aspects of your life. Even if you have a hectic schedule each day, it is important to give yourself some time to unwind and disconnect from work, technology and even social media. Allow yourself to take time for a bath, a walk or even a few hours downtown to relax and release.
At times it may seem impossible to conquer the great balancing act of work, school and fun time. However, all it takes is careful planning. If you are prepared for each day or each week and you know what to expect—things will go smoothly and you won’t feel like you have a hectic schedule, you’ll feel like you have a set routine. Having a good routine is the best way to stay organized and get through the busy seasons of our lives. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you may need to cut back on something in your life. Maybe you need to take fewer classes, or work less hours, or maybe some of your downtime activities are a waste of your time. Don’t get overwhelmed, get planning!
Guest Post by Dixie Somers

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