5 Reasons a Managerial Degree Can Boost Your Career

 11 - 03 - 12
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Many people dream of moving out of their current dead-end jobs or having the chance to advance to a better position.  However, they may not be exactly sure how to go about creating more and better opportunities for themselves.  Some are beginning to discover that earning a degree in business and/or management can be just the right start in creating better opportunities when moving into a professional career track.  Those who have not yet discovered the benefits of a business management degree can begin by considering five reasons employers find employees who hold managerial degrees valuable.

Getting on a Different Career Track

Even if one has started a career in the mailroom or as an administrative assistant, a managerial degree can be the key to starting a career track on the professional end of business rather than the administrative.  Employers find that those who hold management degrees can take these skills into the professional realm and provide valuable services to the company.  Furthermore, advancement does not have to be in the current field.  An MBA can help those who want to get into a different industry altogether because most degrees are flexible enough to be adaptable to more than one industry.


Many employers may also like employees who have taken the time to acquire the extra training and skills it takes to earn a managerial degree.  This is especially true for current employees who are simultaneously holding a job and working toward a degree.  This shows an employer who is most driven and who wants to take advantage of the opportunities available at higher management positions.  Furthermore, these programs can take a fair amount of time depending upon how much time students have to dedicate to them, which can vary if they are full-time or part-time students  and whether they have other obligations.

Networking and Connections

Seeking a business and/or management degree also has benefits such as putting students in contact with valuable industry connections.  Many instructors and professors actually have real-world experience that they use not only to teach but also to put students in contact with others within the business world. This can help whether one is seeking an entry-level position or a job higher up the ladder.  Not only is there access to professors, but there are also other ways to make connections such as job fairs, where employers seek current students who may not yet be ready for a position but have potential.

Employer Investment

There are even some employers who will pay for employees to go back to school to earn a business degree.  This is one of the surest ways to boost a career because employers are looking to make a return on an investment when they pay an employee to earn a degree.  In other words, career advancement is expected when an employer pays the expenses for courses and other materials needed in a degree program.  Furthermore, employers who pay for employees to go back to school are also hoping to retain a good employee, so there is the promise of job security.

Flexibility in Skills

Another quality employers like in employees with managerial degrees is that they are very flexible in a variety of fields.  Some business students may specialize within some areas like international business, but there are also many who acquire the general skills that an MBA offers. These students can adapt the skills to many different fields including technology or nursing.  These are the types of employees that can help a company become more efficient and grow in the future.

Guest Post by Ryan Ayers
Ryan Ayers writes and researches in the field of business and business management. This article was written to explain possible career paths in this field with a  Business Management Degree Online .

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