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Published on 4:06 pm

Six ways to minimize college debt

by Kandace HellerGoing to college can be an expensive proposition. When you add the cost of books and other expenses, you could easily be paying $20,000 a year or more for school. This shouldn't distract anyone from getting an education, there are many ways to minimize debt while attending college.1. Go To A State SchoolState residents will pay less for college than

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Published on 1:39 pm

Five college majors that have the best job prospects

by Kandace HellerIn this period of high unemployment, it is more important than ever to have the advantage over others competing in a tight job market. Education is one of the important factors in securing a good job. However, education in itself won't help the college graduate land a good job if the student's major is in a field with limited or shrinking job

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Published on 2:01 pm

Fitting into your dorm room: five ideas for best utilizing the space

by Kandace Heller If you're a college student living in a dorm, then you might feel frustrated with your small and drab space. However, there is no such thing as a space that doesn't have organizational and decor potential. Here are five ideas to help you best utilize your dorm space.Be Smart About Storage Dorm rooms are nothing if not notoriously tiny. Most

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Published on 3:12 am

Landing your first job: five tips for the new college graduate

by Kandace HellerSo, you're fresh off the college skillet and trying to land that first job. However, you aren't really sure where to go or how to do it. Instead of blending in with all of the other people in your field that are desperately searching for work, try these tried and true methods for quickly landing your first job after graduating college.Sign Up for

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Published on 2:54 am

Four tips for making your transition to college easier

by Kandace HellerThe decision to go to college is rarely an easy one. Individuals must consider where to go, what degree path to take, how to budget, among a host of other decisions. Nonetheless, going to college and earning college credit is one of the best ways to become a more able, marketable individual, and once the initial decisions are made, the process gets

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