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 06 - 16 - 14
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by Forge William

Education in a number of educational institutes of Germany is free, and students only require bearing the fees of their housing, food and travel. However, the currency of Germany is the Euro, which is stronger than the currencies of many Asian and African countries. So, many students still require some funds and grants to meet their expenses of food and travel, which also makes a towering cost when accumulated for the entire year.   Also, there are other costs of medication, project making (in engineering courses) and other costs that add to the overall expense of students stay in Germany. DAAD provides a solution to these problems for all those students, who have registered as a full-time student and cannot earn enough to meet their total expenses, other studies.

ALEARG Scholarship

ALEARG, a 100% funding program, is a joint collaboration between the Argentinean Education Ministry and the DAAD organization. This is a vast ranging scholarship, and therefore, has the most number of candidates applying for. This scholarship is available for students applying for undergraduate, Masters, PhD, or other specialized level of studies. Due to the high number of applicants, the selection criterion is a bit tough and depends on the factors of merit, need and the relevancy of the course of the home country. If you have chosen a course that is appropriate for your home country (let say Saudi Arabia), then you will have an upper hand over those applicants whom applied field of study is not relevant to the need of their home countries.

Study Exchange

Students in their undergraduate or Masters Degree program willing to complete their degree from a German university can apply for this scholarship. The average funding of this scholarship is between EUR 750 and EUR 2,000 and the rest of the cost has to be borne by the student. It is therefore recommended to apply for this scholarship in the last year of the undergraduate or Masters course, so to minimize the cost of education, living and other expenses.

Bilateral Exchange of Academics

Many research and development institutes have joined hands to work for global awareness and uniformity of information technology. For this reason, a number of seminars, conferences, and workshops are conducted in Germany, which are hosted by some of the renowned professionals of the industry. Students willing to attend any such conference in Germany can apply for the Bilateral Exchange scholarship. This scholarship covers the cost of the ticket, travelling, and the registration fees of the seminar or workshop. To be eligible for this the scholarship, students should be in their Masters or PhD level of study. They have to show their relevant qualification or experience that matches with the subject or theme of the conference. Furthermore, a university or college permission letter is required to be submitted to the DAAD department as the scholarship officials will do all communication of time and date of travel with your university head.

Guest Post by Forges William
Forges William is a passionate education technology writer who completed his studies in the field of technology and stared his career in the field of education; currently he is working for the Courseworkbox and serving his skills in helping students with their studies

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