Privacy Policy may collect users’ private information that is posted at any point of time through the site. When you use the site, you are inherently deemed to have accepted to abide by the terms laid down in the Privacy Policy laid down herewith.

1. will collect personal information of users who register/ browse the site such as name, age, qualifications, email id, financial status, subject of preference, location, address and so on. Such information will be used exclusively to perform the services the site offers its users. No special permission is necessary for the site to collect such information.

2. require that you enable cookies when you access the site, because the Company collects pertinent information about its users such as the pages that attract most traffic, browser type, IP address of the user and geographical location of the user. Your personal information may be tied to cookies and identify and follow your interaction with the site.

3. will never sell or use your personal information for marketing purposes. However, the site retains the right to use any and all information collected to promote the interests of the user, i.e. find admission in best matched college/ school of higher learning. Such information will be and may be shared with colleges, individuals, government agencies and organizations for promoting admission of the user, and/ or obtaining scholarships/ grants/ financial aid with the help of the site.

4. uses secure servers and high-tech measures to ensure that your personal data remains safe and secure. You are free to opt out from any registration or services offered by the site through “opt out options” that come to your through emails sent, and by placing a request to this effect with our representative (contact here to unsubscribe/ de-register [email protected]).

5. reserves the right to modify, change, delete and of the terms of Privacy Policy without informing you in person. The last date of updating the information found here is always listed at the bottom of the page as, “Last modified on [date]”. It is up to you to check and ensure that you are aware of the latest updates and how these affect you and the information you post/ leave on our site.

6. We reserve the right to remove any user’s account at any point of time without assigning reason thereof. We also reserve the right of suspending any account of any user if and when found violating any of the terms and conditions penned down in this agreement.

7. encourages and welcomes anyone to point out to us if there has been any violation of law/ privacy policy/ personal sentiments/ morals. We will investigate immediately and take appropriate action at our end.

8. You, as the user, are bound by this agreement to provide correct and truthful information where asked. In case any personal information collected is found false, is relieved of any liability with regard to the service it offers.

9. In case suffers any losses owing to using information that is not true or accurate, the company reserves the right to sue such user to the fullest extent of the law.

10. By registering with you are consenting to receive information, announcements, and promotional material from time to time from the Company. In case you do not want to receive any such emails/ messages you may opt out the emailing list and send us an email to this effect.

11. This agreement is applicable to all users irrespective of their geographical location, citizenship, nationality, gender or age.