The Higher Education is Facing Challenges in 2014

 08 - 19 - 14
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by John Kelly
With the fast growing transformations spurred on by innovation in the domain of higher education, more than a few challenging issues have emerged. Following are the top challenging issues facing higher education:

Cost of Education

The cost is one of the main issues in the higher education area. In fact, the education’s cost will continue to be the biggest obstacle throughout 2014. With the reduction in the spending of governmental authorities and the loom of the preceding economic events in the world, acquiring education will remain pricey.  It is also a fact that parents will have to lean on substitute approaches to invest in further education of their children.

Skilled Workforce

Another main focal point of educational institutions is hiring and training a well skilled and competent workforce. A majority of the companies in the UK is once again employing, but they are still facing problematic issues finding candidates with desired talents and skills. With fast growing changes in the world of technology, workforce must be skilled and competent.

Competency-Based Education (CBE)

The modern media is giving more and more attention to competency-based education (CBE) because a majority of the schools undertakes the different syllabus. The challenging issue in the CBE lies with the truth that it is doubtful how this can be evaluated. Such courses are concentrated on the evaluation of an individual’s capability of applying learning already acquired instead of the acquisition of new learning.


Nevertheless, prior to any significant level of reform can be taken on, there needs to be agreement as to whether the current system is extremely complex or “too careless” and whether the most wanted end state is a regulatory enforcement entity or one of quality assurance.


Evaluation has also become one of the main issues for higher education. Now, more and more regulatory bodies and accreditors are going afar from input models and instead are asking, “What is the country acquiring in return for the considerable amount of money being spent on higher education and how do people know if it is successful?” Learning outcome-assessment and evaluation has become the foundation for ascertaining the effectiveness of institutions. Nevertheless, the availability of suitable, generally established tools and procedures needed to ascertain acquisition of learning and skills are establishing hard to obtain.

Quality Assurance

With the growing trend and pattern in the non-institutional based learning like Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), the problem of quality assurance has emerged. The point is whether such patterns or styles of learning are comparable to learning within long-established conventional education institutes.

There is unanimity that greater transparency in the method for ascertaining the credit merit of institutions beyond the academy is needed. Both conventional and non-conventional learning institutions want quality assurance; however, no two assessors are employing the similar measuring tool.

The Overall Economic Condition

The economic condition has renovated and this implies that employment is now again rising. While this is usually considered positive news, it also excites to those who assert that the education at the college level is not important to get jobs.

Now, people are more often assessing the investing cost in a degree at current high prices versus entering the employment area directly following school and acquiring precious work experience of real life. Indeed, recruitment of students is probable to become more complex due to improved economic activity.
For educational institutions in the UK, it is very important to be familiar with the challenging issues that will have a major impact on their operational activities and to constitute strategic plans to tackle these concerns.

Guest Post by John Kelly
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