Six Jobs in Science You Haven’t Heard of Before

 05 - 11 - 14
Learning News

by Annette Hazard

The broad field of science has given birth to some interesting careers over the years. The combination of a longer lifespan and recreational factors has prompted brand new territory for science.

User Experience Psychologist

Creating a website is more complex than just building a homepage and using quality graphics. Fact and findings-based psychologists team up with UX designers to perform various tests on subjects to determine the best layout of high-level websites. Some of these tests can be rather obscure. Eye movement testing and pupillary response may determine the correct placement of icons on a site. These scientists also conduct tests on human-computer interaction and the basis of modeling behavior with how a site responds. Who knew psychology could be so techie!

Storm Chaser

The hollywood portrayal of chasing tornadoes and storm clouds for measurement is not that far from the truth. The harrowing duties of a storm chaser are something most meteorologists rely on. Data is gathered on violent storms and reported back to the weather service. Most storm chasers are a part of specific government projects for research or act as volunteers to the weather service.

Food Analyst

A great tasting recipe or favorite brand-name condiment may trace its roots to very precise scientific research. These obscure jobs work behind the scenes in testing the biological and chemical data behind common foods and beverages. The testing is done for safety as well as improving flavor. Taste-testing and sampling often come with the job. The job uses scrutiny of a microscope for much of the testing. Some of the most trusted microscopes online may be used by these analysts.

Pyrotechnic engineer

Gorgeous fireworks displays and special effects are something many people enjoy at public events. Behind the scenes of these stunning sprays of explosive are engineers and scientists who are trained at regulating the safety and pattern of various chemicals that make up the explosive nature of fireworks.

Odor Testing

One of the most disagreeable jobs to most people are those involving strange smells and odors such as toilets and body odor. There is a job in high demand for that category. When a new deodorant or cleaning product comes out there has to be extensive testing to ensure compliance. Scientists and engineers may specialize in an area that requires the intense data tracking of odors before and after the product is used. It is not uncommon for these procedures to involve smelling various settings that would be very noxious to most people.

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