College Admission Interview – There Goes Your Efforts Down The Drain

 09 - 12 - 14
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by Anisa Lee
It is the dream of every student to get admission in a top-listed college but only a handful of them are able to see their dreams become a reality. In other words, some students successfully get the admission, while others are rejected ruthlessly. Have you ever given thought to why some are able to get past the admission funnel and why some stuck?

Regardless of how charming or multitalented one may be, passing college admission interview isn’t easy at all. Although the marks of your entry test and past academic progress matters, apart from that there are certain other factors as well that play an important role in establishing your ground before the committee. For instance, the way you talk, dress or speak also counts a lot when it comes to college admission interview.

Here we have some common mistakes that students often commit while giving their admission interview. Read it carefully so that you won’t make these mistakes when you sit before the committee.

Feeling Shy

If you appear to be shy in front of the interviewer, he will definitely perceive that you are not a social person and you face difficulty interacting with new faces. Moreover, he will perceive you as a person who doesn’t have enough confidence to deliver himself or let alone some presentations and you are totally unsuitable to new environment.

Immature Behavior

At college level, interviewers prefer those students who are self dependent. During the interview, if you show even the slightest traces of dependency to the interviewer, you may probably end up losing your admission. Don’t talk about how your parents are the ones taking care of your all day long while you play video games in the basement of your house. Show the committee that you are a mature and capable person.

Acting Rude To The Interviewer

Respect is what the interviewer expects from you. If you give respect, you will get the same in turn. Reply only to the questions he asks you and hold your jaws when you have nothing to say. It is better to stay quiet instead of speaking pointlessly. Even if you have conflict somewhere with the interviewer, stay cool for the sake of your better future.

Not Switching Off Your Cell Phone

It makes a very bad impression of yours on the interviewer when your phone rings during the interview causing interruption. It is better to leave your phone in your car or switch it off completely. Some interviewees turn their mobiles to silent mode, which is also annoying because it diverts your attention when it vibrates. So, turn it off completely because it won’t take you long to exit the interview room.

Not Dressed Appropriately

You must be dressed appropriately when you are going to give an admission interview. Wear a formal dress and avoid wearing casual or totally informal dress. Don’t opt for sun glasses, jewelry, hat or cap, as these accessories are not considered as a part of formal dress code for the interview. Apart from that avoid wearing too much perfume to the extent that it suffocates all the people in the room.

Having Chewing Gum In Mouth

It is probably considered a worst behavior during the interview when you chew gum in front of the interviewer. Some students have a bad habit to make mouth movements when they have nothing in their mouth. This creates a worst perception in front of the interviewers, as it seems to them like you are having something in your mouth or you are chewing something. Remember that it is against the formal manners and you might lose a golden opportunity due to that.

Talking Too Much

The more you speak rubbish, the more questions will be raised by the interviewer. So, don’t do useless chit chat at all and wait for the interviewer to ask the next question. Some students get so eager to tell about their achievements that they don’t even think either the interviewer has asked about their achievements or not.  This habit of students creates a bad impact on the interviewer. Just behave formally and keep your response concise and to the point.

Guest Post by Anisa Lee
Anissa Lee is student consultant and a professional writer. She is one of the dissertation writers at mighty dissertations. She loves music and fond of writing articles on different topics. You can find her on Facebook.

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