Yolanda and Beyond

 03 - 29 - 14
Inspire News

Even the bravest of us gets shattered when a natural calamity of the size and magnitude of the super typhoon “Yolanda” of Nov. 8 2013 hits us. The northeastern part of Philippines was the worst hit.

The students and teachers of Concepcion Central Elementary School in Concepcion, 109 kms form Iliomo, Philippines are still battling their way out from that. Though none of the pupils or their families was hit, but the super typhoon destroyed and damaged many houses including their school. These events cast a gloom over their very existence. Many would see such a calamity only once in their lifetime. And this is the time, when help and care is needed the most. People lose direction, pessimism grips them. The super typhoon, Yolanda, is the strongest recorded super typhoon to have hit land. It destroyed or damaged approximately 17,500 public school classrooms in the Visayas and Palawan, as declared by the Department of Education of Philippines.

Many teachers of these schools have come out in great numbers to see through this tragedy and make sure that their students are not stranded and become too fearful to face the world. Many of them have started inventive ways to cope with the trauma of the students. The students are made to share their stories. Others are busying making them feel safer and making them strong to face the real world.

Much of the structure of most of the schools has been damaged by the typhoon. Classes are held at makeshift rooms with negligent partitions. Much of the books and teaching materials have also been damaged.

But, the typhoon has brought out the best in most of them. Hopefully, this summer will bring to an end the toughest ordeal most of them ever faced. The great task to instill optimism in all those young minds.

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