What Name Would you Choose for the RizalTech? RTSU, RSUST, RUST?

 07 - 22 - 17
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Posted on July 22, 2017

Sometime in the first months of 1995 I suggested to President Dr. Jose Q. Macaballug that perhaps we should give try to convert the Rizal Technological Colleges into a state university. I went to his office on the second floor of the Profeta Building to tell him this suggestion. I stood on the left side of his table while he was sitting on his chair.

Boss, pwede na siguro tayong mag university,” I told him. “Baka kaya na natin,” I added.

We had an enrollment of about 8,000 then. Se were rapidly putting things in order in the school, after the chaos brought about by the EDSA Revolution began to fade. Discipline was slowly being restored. Campus security was tightened and the students began wearing their IDs, effectively barring criminal elements from entering the campuses of the school.

We began acquiring computers and laboratory equipment. Dr. Macaballug embarked on a program of repairing and renovating the facilities of the school. The ubiquitous religious groups who entered the campus at will and conducted programs with hardly any notice given to the school administrators were once and for all prohibited from plying their activities in the campus. The Gonzales Main Academic Building we commonly refer to as the MAB started construction in 1995. The Sacrepante Gate was opened in the same year.

We suppressed the violence of the fraternities during these years.

We were far from having the ideal conditions for a university, but I said to myself, why don’t we try?

And so Dr. Macaballug asked me to draft a bill that would seek to convert the Rizal Technological Colleges into a State University.

And the first thing I thought of would be the name of the new University.

Rizal Technological State University?

Rizal State University of Science and Technology?

Rizal University of Science and Technology?

In the end, the sponsors of the Bill, Congressman Boyet Gonzales and Senator Neptali A. Gonzales opted to be simple. They chose the name Rizal Technological University. And that’s why we are RTUans. We could have been RTSUans, or RSUSTans, or RUSTans. Now that sounds a little like a department store.

RTU sounds much better than our original name: College of Rizal.

It is CR.


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