USeP celebrates uni-wide Family Day

 10 - 05 - 17
University of Southeastern Philippines News

Blue Team Credits to Maricris Berden-Palomar


Donning red, blue, green, and yellow ribbons, employees of all USeP campuses gathered in the University Gymnasium and Cultural Center during the Uni-wide Family Day on September 28, 2017.

More than 500 employees, who were grouped into four teams, participated in different sports activities, Zumba sessions, and parlor games.

The awarding of the Tagline Making Contest was also highlighted in the event, where the “We build dreams without limits!” from the Guidance and Alumni Office of USeP Tagum Campus was hailed as the winning entry.

In her Welcome Address, University President Dr. Lourdes C. Generalao expressed gratitude to all employees for devoting their time to USeP.

“It is a rare gift to find a workplace where you can thrive and maintain warm relationships with your workmates. We are all fortunate to belong in this community, where friendship and loyalty are among the values that we promote, in addition to unity, stewardship, excellence, and professionalism. I hope we consider ourselves lucky enough to find home in the place where we have built our careers,” she added.

The Uni-wide Family Day provided all employees with the opportunity to know their colleagues better and bond over games that test their patience and strengthen their camaraderie.

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