03 - 20 - 17
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Music has been a culture of the Seminary since her birth. As a matter of fact, IHMS records a rich history in music to include various major shows and concerts; namely, Confido in Domino in 1983, Eukaristikon in 1987, Everlasting Light in 1996, Hiusatlo in 1997, Jubilaeum in 2000, Glory to God in 2003, Love is in the Air in 2004, Far Greater Love in 2005, and SIXTY in 2010. Famous great priest musicians like Bishop Zacharias Jimenez, Fr. Arnold Zamora, and Fr. Irvin Garsuta were once seminarians  of IHMS. To add to the enumeration are the Singing Priests of Tagbilaran (SPOT) and the Jeduthun, both performing not only in the Philippines, but also in Australia, Canada, and even in Europe. All these prove the  musicality of the Seminary.


For us seminarians, music is not only an art that gives entertainment but also a medium of unity and brotherhood. Every night, the special choir of the seminary, practices different songs for the liturgy as well as for entertainment. The tenors sing the high notes while the basses sing the low notes. Each member tries his best to be on tune and to blend  into the harmony of the song.


Since the birth of the seminary, the special choir has been the music-bearer in every special activity that the diocese holds. It is sad to note that there were instances that the choir weakened. They stopped singing on various occasions of the diocese. Because of this, criticisms and negative comments were thrown not only to the choir but also to the seminary. But filled with enthusiasm to revive the choir, dedicated seminarians tried their best to repeat what has been a history. Through the help of Fr. Valentino Pinlac, STL, our rector, and Sir Joshibiah de Juan, our conductor, the choir has grown again though it  meant  sacrifices and hard work.


Now, the seminary choir is on track once again. Trying to live out their group name the IHMS Schola Cantorum, they are in the journey to become the School of Music.

Sems. Deo Kenneth Camargo & Jan Warren Varquez


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