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Posted on August 17, 2017

“Mas madaling mang alipusta kaysa gumawa.”

                   –Former President Simeon Benigno C. Aquino III

I STARTED WRITING THE University Code in 1999 when I was VPAA, about one and a half years after we became a University.  It took me several months to finish it.  I started writing sometime in April, 1999.  I finished writing the First Draft in October of 2000, finally presenting it to the Academic Council on the same month.  

Disappointing.  That’s the understatement to describe that meeting.  One faculty member rose to complain that they were not given advance copies of the draft.  And then with a sneer on her face she walked out of the meeting.  Another complained that the no consultations were made when in fact there were.  The majority of the members of the Council were silent, but animosity and negativism are contagious. 

That meeting ended with nothing being accomplished.  I kept the draft in the deepest part of my files in the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, as if I tried to bury the pain of the insults hurled on me in that meeting, and to try to forget the rudeness of my colleagues.  The two-hundred page draft, the product of one and a half years of labor, was about to go to waste, because I was so badly affected by the criticisms of people who never had any contribution in the writing of the draft. 

But I made a mistake.  I gave one copy to Dr. Jose Q. Macaballug who created committees which would study the various portions of the draft.  Months later, all the committees met for a few days at the Training Hall on the 4th floor of the JV Estolas Building for finalization of the University Code. 

I was then invited on one meeting of the Board of Regents to present the Second Draft to the said body.  Commissioner Mona Valisno presided in that meeting.  I remember it was a rainy day.  Classes were suspended but the meeting went on just the same.  Commissioner Valisno addressed me as “Professor Torres.”

The Final Draft was finally presented to the Board of Regents on August 20, 2002 and was approved by the said body.  The University Code was then sent to the printer.  It has my name in one of its pages.

There is one thing I learned from this experience.  Never let yourself be put down by adversity.   

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