The organic and halal formula to a happy skin

 04 - 09 - 19
University of Southern Mindanao News

happy-skin-thumbsContrary to the popular idea that doing what you love makes work effortless, a real passion puts you to work. This is the story of how a USM alumna found her passion and transformed this energy to something productive for herself and the people around her.

For as long as she can remember, Johaira B. Sabal has always been fascinated with natural and organic skin care. Her solution to almost all skin issues is found right inside the kitchen. So whenever her friends would ask for advice, her antidote is always organic.

Since March 2018, Johaira has already been using her skin care formula until with the prodding of her boyfriend and close friends finally convinced her to share the products to her friends. And just last month, March 2019, a year after, she finally gave in and started her own skin care band – My Happy Skin.

First Appeared on University of Southern Mindanao

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