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 08 - 31 - 17
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Posted on August 31, 2017

Here are some of the pictures of the Old Quadrangle when it was still being used as parking lot.  There are some differences from what you can see today.  These pictures were taken when the present construction of the new building in front of the campus was not yet being done and the vehicles could still park in front of the Gonzales Main Academic Building and in its basement.   There were occasions when the whole Quadrangle was not enough for all the vehicles which entered the campus such as during Saturdays when graduate students came to class or when there were affairs involving outsiders.  The Institute of Physical Education complained that they had nowhere to hold PE classes.  Vehicle owners complained that their vehicles were being hit by balls or scratched by students.  Vehicle owners complained that they could not park on the far side of the Quadrangle because they want to park just about everywhere they wanted to.  Students complained that they were being tailgated by vehicles while walking across the Quadrangle.  Students were honked by ill-mannered drivers.

I myself had a bad experience with an arrogant driver.  I set up a telescope in an evening in the Quadrangle.  While viewing the night sky with the telescope with my students a car approached our location with the lights set on high beam to push us away.  The driver honked three times.  We stood our ground.  The driver backed up. 

 Just 20 vehicles, owned by 20 people, will occupy almost half of the Quadrangle, effectively depriving hundreds of students and employees the enjoyment of the only open space we have in the campus. 

The Quadrangle is now for the students and the employees as their congregational area, and as their playground.  LET IT STAY THAT WAY. 

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