The New Quad, A Rare Open Space, but this may not last for long…

 09 - 30 - 17
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Posted on September 30, 2017

Nowadays, you will often see children playing in the streets, risking their lives on being hit by vehicles. They play the games which children like to play such as sipa, tumbang preso, and Chinese garter. They chase the putt across the street and stop just in time when a vehicle passes by. People put up basketball courts in the streets, competing with illegally-parked vehicles. We have put up structures everywhere. We have put up tall buildings, houses, warehouses, malls, condos, business establishments everywhere. Whatever remaining space we have are quickly occupied by vehicles.

Our Quadrangle is one of the rare open spaces in the urban jungle. It is where the children can still play.

The Quadrangle was like this before. (photo courtesy of Veronica Posas)

The Quadrangle, circa September, 2017. (photos by Jorge Fernandez)

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