Survey on Exploring the Use and Integration of Technology

 12 - 13 - 16
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Screenshot of the actual survey form (its first/upper most part).

Screenshot of the actual survey form (its first/uppermost part).

A friend of the Library had asked if we could assist him with the research on the use and integration of technology which he is currently doing. We gratefully obliged since this person had helped not only us yet other Western Visayas librarians as well, one way or the other. In fact, he donated a few electronic books during his recent visit to the main library.

As such, we would like to ask your assistance, our dear students and colleagues with regards to this particular research since the required respondents are enrolled students in a Philippine-based college/university or at least 18 years old adult individual.

“… this survey… document the use and integration of technology in your daily activities… The survey items will ask how often you perform a specific task and then which form of technology did you use to complete the task”( Note that each task consists of two questions (Ex., Questions 1 and 1A refers to accessing online databases and research articles). Make sure that if your answer to the first question (the specific task) is “None at all (0%)”, your response to the follow-up (second) question (the technology used) should be “Not Applicable (if you answered NONE above)”.

“The data collected will be analyzed and reported anonymously using an aggregate format that will not directly identify you as a survey participant. There are no foreseeable risks or benefits (such as compensation) to the participant for completing this survey. Your participation is voluntary and there are no consequences if you refuse to participate or decide to discontinue participation (at any time).

Please CLICK on the hypertext link below to access the survey” (

Survey on Exploring the Use and Integration of Technology

Thank you once more for your help in this research project.

Nestor D. Mores, Jr., RL

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