STRENGTH OF A WOMAN: USTP fetes GAD 2019 with an iconic play about women

 04 - 11 - 19
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This Women’s Month Celebration, women were truly empowered when the University celebrated the remarkable contribution of every woman. Echoing the country’s theme, “We Make Change Work for Women”, the University took part making initiatives in women empowerment. These initiatives are in the form of activities such as

To cap the celebration, a talk on “Empowering Women through Self Care” was held at the Dr. Ricardo E. Rotoras Hall last March 11, 2019. Attended by graduating students, the theme centered on recognizing and managing self-care interventions to advance health and wellbeing. Mercylyn L. Tanog, USTP’s registered guidance counsellor, graced the event as the resource speaker.

Championing women’s rights, equality and empowerment highlighted the discourse of Hevah N. Salic on March 19, 2019 held at the ICT AVR. The dialogue espoused the strengthening of Magna Carta of Women, legal bases and international commitments on women’s rights. Ms. Salic reiterated that the Philippine government is continuously striving to narrow the gap on gender disparity.

The month-long celebration of women aptly ended with the gathering of the university’s foremost women leaders. The culmination program was held last March 29, 2019 at the RER hall. The entire university community was honored by the attendance of Engr. Zarah Lynn Rotoras, the wife of the late University System President Ricardo E. Rotoras. Ms. Vanessa V. Ascaño, delivered in behalf of the OIC President the inspirational talk that highlights the affirmation that every women is enough in all aspects of life. Ms Ascaño reminded every woman in the audience to always asssert within themselves that a woman is more than enough.

The keynote speaker Dr. Mercelita Jandayan-Labial shared her piece on women of substance, strength and style. She enumerated various strategies for women self-empowerment. Her talk was spiced with humor as she talked about challenges faced by women due to the multiple roles being played by women and how one can rise from all types of situation. Dr. Labial also shared her personal battle with cancer and how a smile can help her cope with any crisis in life.

USTP CDO Chancellor, Dr. Ruth Guinita Cabahug shared her views on how a woman can balance family and career. She shared her personal journey as a woman going through the various stages in life with emphasis on priorities and the support system at home. According to her, women faced different situations in life and the decisions on what to consider as of foremost importance are dependent on many factors. There is no point of comparison between women and what is deem essential is to uphold the belief that as a women, one is more than enough.

A video presentation was also presented showcasing women leaders of USTP. It featured their career and family and the hobbies or interests they pursue on the side. Life quotes as guiding principles were also captured in the video presentation to communicate what the woman leader believes in.

Festive and friendly games were participated by teaching and non-teaching personnel later in the afternoon. They played games that challenged their creativity as well as their critical skills on how to win as a group.

Games were played with great enthusiasm and prizes for winning the contests were very much appreciated. Great team work and hilarious moments punctuated the afternoon’s event.

To accentuate this year’s Gender and Development activities, the Vagina Monologue, an iconic play about women, brought important conversations of womanhood, gender, sexuality and identity. Empowerment and gender identity is not only the goal of the comedic play, but it also dwelt on breaking the silence and bringing down stigma surrounding contemporary women. The company struck performances tackling a wide of range of topics that educates women sexuality and struggles.

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