SPAC starts academic journey this school year with the highest enrolment in its entire existence

 06 - 18 - 18
Southern Philippine Adventist College News

SPAC welcomes this school year 2018-2019 with an unprecedented enrolment figure which counts, as of today, 1,253 students from elementary to college. The college department soars up to 25-30 percent increase, while the junior academy follows suit with 15 -20% increase, and the senior academy and the elementary department with 10% and 3% increase,  respectively. With a campus that can mostly accomodate at least 700 – 800 students, our enrolment figure this school year only brings us to humility, but with a firm resolve to making  our commitment to our philosophy, mission and vision more dynamic, relevant, and vibrant to our target market.

Thank you students (their parents and sponsors as well)  for taking their academic journey “of a thousand miles” in SPAC starting this school year. And to our administrators and teachers whose influence have brought sweet- smelling perfume to our target market despite their uniqueness is a big factor for the increase of enrolment.

Above all, only God has the final say. To God be the glory!

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