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 06 - 07 - 17
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Would you like to know your future mate?

Posted on June 7, 2017

As I continue on reading the Encyclopedia of Filipino Folk Beliefs and Customs by Fr. Francisco R. Demetrio I keep on gathering more small items on Filipino folk beliefs relating to the Moon and the Sun. Here are some of them:

1. Castrate at Full Moon and throw Testicles on Roof. This one comes from Valencia, Bukidnon. According to the account, “the best time to castrate animals is on full moon. The eggs (i.e. testicles) should be thrown up on the roof of your house so that the animals will grow big and tall.”

2. In the Philippines the season for circumcising male children who have just entered puberty is during the summer months like April and May when there are no classes. From Balingasag, Misamis Oriental, an account goes like this: “Circumcision must be done on a full moon so that one will be vigorous throughout his life.”

3. Young men and women are curious about who their future mate will be. This is one way of doing it. From Samar Island, this is the advice: “Counting nine stars on nine consecutive nights will make one dream of his future mate.” Just don’t include the planets in the count. A few days ago (June 3, 2017) the waxing gibbous Moon was about two degrees from Jupiter. I had a haircut on the evening of that day and as I was walking towards home some old friends called me. Astronomers unconsciously look up at the sky and there I saw the Moon just about two degrees from Jupiter. Venus also comes close in the sky to the Moon quite often, like when it did on December 1, 2008.

This particular conjunction was even more beautiful in the Philippines. Venus was directly on top of the Moon. I used my small Celestron 3.5-inch Galileoscope to look at the phenomenon.

But what about when there are two planets near the Moon as it happened in 2015? I was closely following Jupiter and Venus as they were approaching each other in our point of view for months. I even have cellphone images of the conjunction. Unfortunately I was not able to catch the conjunction of the two planets with the waning crescent Moon. There were actually three planets in the conjunction including Mars.

Image taken with my I-Phone in Pasig City on October 22, 2015

There is actually a third planet in the image. It is Mars just below Jupiter (the dimmer planet). I can see it in my I-Phone image. I imagine it is there when I look at this downloaded image. Rose-Ann Bautista of the Department of Earth and Space Sciences sees it, but my eyes are a lot older.

Image taken with my I-Phone in Nasugbu, Batangas, June 2, 2015

Image take with my I-Phone 6 in Amphoe Mueang in Chiang Mai May 14, 2015

The conjunction of the waning crescent Moon with Mars, Jupiter, and Venus on November 7, 2015.

4. Now here is the fourth. From Cagayan De Oro City they say that “when a star shines beside the moon and a boy is courting a girl, all he has to do is hold her little finger to make her say ‘yes’.”

Got it?

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