09 - 26 - 17
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(Photo by Engr. Rodrigo Estrada)

(Photo by Engr. Rodrigo Estrada)

Samar State University soars on another pursuit as they completely welcomed the 2017 Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines Inc. (AACCUP) Accreditation. This six (6) days event, September 25-30, 2017 targets Level I and II Survey Visit to the following colleges: College of Graduate Studies, Doctor of Management Major in Human Resource Management; College of Industrial Technology, Bachelor of Mechanical Technology and Bachelor of Industrial Technology; College of Engineering, BS in Electronics Engineering; and College of Arts and Sciences, BS in Psychology and BS in Information System. The accreditation aims to view the processes by which the institution, specifically the tertiary level; an evaluation on its instructive or learning activities, facilities and equipments, involvements and activeness,  parts and the whole is being transpired. It also seeks an individual judgment to confirm that the substantial objectives and requirements are achieved by the institution (according to

September 24, 2017, Sunday, was the said arrival of AACCUP Team at SSU Campus with Photo Session (Individual). At the Day 1, dated September 25, 2017, were the day of the courtesy call at the President’s Office with Photo Session, Opening Program at the Audio-Visual Center (AVC), Briefing and Orientation by Accreditors, and the start of the Evaluation of Documents to the target colleges. At the Day 2 -3, September 26-27, 2017, the accreditors continued to work on the observations and analyses of the works of the target colleges, and also prepared individual and team reports. Day 4, September 28, 2017 with the following: Finalization of Reports, Conference of Accreditors, Exit Conference and Closing Program of the event. And finally, at Day 5, September 29, 2017 as the Departure of the Accreditors.

Upon this invitation, the entire SSU people hoped for a positive outcome on the synthesis of evaluation result (by area and as a whole), all will reflect on to how the said institution managed to fulfill and uphold a culture of quality services and instruction for the improvement and satisfaction of the customer, SSU people and specially of the students as the topmost priority.  To soar for an extra mile; SSU provides and performs magnanimous excellences: in instruction and professional works;  envisioning  a huge picture of success in these Level I and II Survey Visit — to work and to hope.

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