SLSU-MC's new enrollment system goes full swing

 11 - 02 - 17
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The new enrollment system of Southern Leyte State University (SLSU) Main Campus created by Nestnie Honrada is now up and running to facilitate a faster enrollment of students.

Instead of having a long process, the students will only take three steps to enroll. It includes choosing and encoding for a preferred schedule at the department, paying at the cashier’s office, and printing and validating the Official Registration Form (ORF) at the registrar’s office.

The first step of the system is new to the students. Before, they will just wait for the schedules provided by the department clerk. With the old system, many problems occured like the conflicting time of each subject and conflicting room assignments.

However, with the new system, those problems will be addressed. It will be the students who will choose for their preferred schedule. Hence, there will be no more changing of time and rooms among students and faculty when the classes start since it is already fixed by the new system.

Aside from addressing those problems, the new system will also help to improve the interpersonal skills of the students as they will meet new faces from other sections.

At present, there are already 1207 enrolled students from various programs. This is yet an initial count as there are 4081 students expected to enroll based on the number of enrolled students on the first semester.

The enrollment for undergraduate studies will last until November 10. Along with this, a fine will be imposed starting on November 6 for the late enrollees since classes for the second semester will already start on that day.

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