Simple Ways You Can Increase Your Productivity

 01 - 18 - 18
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Student life in the best colleges in Manila can be demanding sometimes. There are plenty of deadlines to meet, courses to study for, and commitments to fulfill. There are only severals hours in a day that you have to maximize and finish everything that you have to do. While there are two ways to get things done, either you put more hours in work, or do things smarter. How you finish those tasks determines your productivity.


Set deadlines

Procrastination has become almost second nature to students, and pulling all nighters have become almost part of their routine. Aside from your major and minor subjects, you may also have deadlines from your college org and other extra curricular activities. Investing in a planner and plotting out the deadlines given to you, can help you swiftly plan ahead. Giving yourself a deadline for your tasks and actually sticking to it, can motivate you to get things done faster.


Stop multitasking

Some students tend to think that the ability to multitask is helpful when we want to be more productive. What they fail to realize is that though they get more things done by working two tasks at the same time, they either work more slowly, or they sacrifice the integrity of their work. Even psychologists have found that attempting to do several tasks at a time can result to lost time and productivity. Instead, commit to one task at a time. That way you can dedicate more time and effort to your tasks, producing better quality output.


Limit your social media usage

Because of social media, distractions have become the Achilles heels of students today. With memes and viral videos all over the social media nowadays, putting down smartphones gets more and more difficult. There’s like this invisible string that pulls you back, just when you’re starting to get motivated to finish your task. While it’s good to take a few breaks in between your study sessions, it will not help you focus better. The best thing to do is to exercise self discipline and limit your social media usage the same way you would dedicate a few hours for your tasks.


Prioritize your health

As much as you want to be like superman and finish all of your tasks within the day, you must still prioritize your mind and body’s well being. Pulling all nighters, surviving only on coffee and energy bars will give your body more harm than good. Studying for exams will most likely drive you to survive on instant meals, fast food and softdrinks, but you must still find time to eat healthy. If you think you’re eating less because you have deadlines to meet, try to get more sleep, or at least take your supplements to make up for the nutrients you lose from staying up late and not being able to eat on time.


Don’t focus on perfection

Studying in one of the best colleges in Manila can have its pressures. People will expect that your every output will be seamless and perfect. But the reality is, as much as we give your best in everything we do, nothing is perfect. It’s better to complete the task to the best of your ability and move on.


Students have busy lives, but being productive is not like rocket science. But it does involve strategizing the time you allot for each task you have. If you need to improve your productivity in school, refrain committing to more tasks into your already filled to the brim calendar. Remember that productive people work smarter, not harder in order to get things done,


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