Segullah 2016 illuminates justice and mercy

 01 - 31 - 16
Immaculate Conception Major Seminary News
January 30, 2016 – Divided into two parts with the themes “Justice in the Community and the Community of the Just: Doing Philosophy in Communion” and “Towards Being the Face of God: Contemplating and Living God’s Mercy in the Context of Today’s Social Concern”, Segullah Lectures took place in the Immaculate Conception Major Seminary Graduate School of Theology (ICMAS-GST) Chapel.
Seminarians of ICMAS, their professors and as well as some members of the formation team listened to Mr. Leovino Ma. Garcia, Ph. D. and Rev. Msgr. Pedro Gerardo Santos, Ed.D., S. Th. D. (Cand.) as the two imparted their knowledge in the fields of Philosophy and Theology, respectively.
Mr. Garcia, Ph.D., a philosophy professor at the School of Humanities of the Ateneo de Manila University, Faculty of Arts and Letters, and at the Ecclesiastical Seminary of the University of Santo Tomas, took the first part. He used his expertise, the Philosophy of Paul Ricoeur, to explain the difference between ethics and morality. He also discussed the three types of freedom which are requirements in ethics namely freedom in the first person or the self-esteem, freedom in second person or the solicitude, and the freedom of “each one” or the mediation of just institutions. At the latter part of his lecture, he explained the relationship of ethics and politics.
Rev. Msgr. Santos, Ed.D., S.Th.D. (Cand.) took the second part of the lectures. He started by telling the seminarians that theology must not remain on armchairs. It must be on the bended knees towards on the go. All theology, according to him, must move them in the state of mission. “But mission becomes ideological without prayer,” he added.
He included in his discussion the lessons in the recent International Eucharistic Congress that are Aggiornamento (Updating) and Ressourcement (Going back to the roots) which are the guides to theological discourse. He also asked the seminarians to think with the Church, sentire cum ecclesia. In line with this, he stated three movements: to see the world through the eyes of Jesus, to reflect in faith discerning the way of Jesus in the light of the word, and to propose concrete actions both on the personal and social circles of the church.
The guest speakers entertained questions and comments after their lectures.
Segullah, a Hebrew word which literally means “apple of God’s eye”, is an annual event in ICMAS where the two disciplines – Philosophy and Theology- are integrated through lectures.
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