Rays of Hope in Burundi

 01 - 23 - 18
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Perets Nsengiyumva

The Republic of Burundi is considered one of the 10 poorest countries in the world alongside Malawi, Central African Republic, Niger, Liberia, Madagascar, Congo, Gambia, Ethiopia and Guinea. Burundi has a population of around 10 (10.7) million, almost half of which is under 14 years of age. High poverty, poor literacy rates and a frail legal system, among other problems, have been perennial issues that weaken the Burundian overall state of affairs.

Perets Nsengiyumva was born in Burundi in the midst of political upheaval during a post-genocide era. Perets has literally been raised in church with his father a pastor and his mother a deaconess. While he appreciated the Christian community, he never really understood what salvation really meant until he attended a revival camp where the Holy Spirit touched his heart and fanned aflame his passion for God. He then became involved in many ministries that honed his gifting and helped him discern his calling. His journey in the ministry found him getting involved oftentimes with children and youth as their pastor, consultant counselor (SOS International Children Village), associate pastor (Calvary Worship Center – Kenya), full time teacher and faculty board member (Hope International School). Having been exposed to the youth and more recently, with schools, Perets has found joy in teaching others. It became his prayer to get trained in theology and in the proper interpretation of the Word to help his countrymen, especially in the rural areas, to understand Scriptures.

The Kamuning Bible Christian Fellowship youth with Ptr. Perets as their co-mentor.

Perets assists at the Kamuning Bible Christian Fellowship Church medical mission in
Nueva Ecija.

God has even birthed a vision in his heart to build a school that will help the poor in Burundi (and even the rest of Africa) to avail of quality education.

God has answered his prayer when his head pastor in Burundi and Bishop Efraim Tendero met at a seminar in Canada. Perets was then endorsed to study at ATS and soon found himself on a plane bound for Manila. With the help of his faithful brethren back home, funds were pooled for his seminary training in a Master’s Degree in Christian Education. He is currently on his second year. After graduation, he will be going back home to implement his thesis on using the Philippine Alternative Learning System (ALS) as a pattern for non-formal education to help Burundians deprived of the privilege of studying while growing up.

While in the Philippines, Perets has made himself available for ministry at Kamuning Bible Christian Fellowship. He is currently part of the leadership and is involved in the pulpit, youth and discipleship ministries.
Pray for Perets as he pursues his thesis. May he be sustained by God’s grace and strength as he envisions enabling many of his countrymen acquire quality education.

It is amazing how God has laid out plans that are almost always different from ours. He said that His ways and thoughts are higher than ours (Isaiah 55:9). Even in the seemingly hopeless places like Burundi, rays of hope shine through the darkest clouds. The birthing of a vision in someone’s heart may be the start of something significant for a country apparently abandoned. But God will never abandon His people (Hebrews 13:5).

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