Philippine Historical Astronomy: Day Moon October 11, 2017

 10 - 21 - 17
Rizal Technological University News

Posted on October 21, 2017

For posterity, here is the day moon on October 11, 2017 just before the program celebrating the 48th Founding Anniversary of the RizalTech started. The weather was fine during this opening program but it rained later in the day. There were University Week openings when rain poured even during the program, but we were lucky this time. The girls of the Pep Squad flew high on this day.

I took this picture at 7:41:33 A.M. while the emcee was announcing my arrival but I paused for a while to take the picture with my Vivo phone.

                This picture was taken a little bit earlier at 7:40:50 A.M also with the Vivo phone.

The Pep Squad

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