Peace Corps Volunteer bids good bye to IFSU

 11 - 06 - 17
Ifugao State University News

Dr. Joseph Riley, a Peace Corps volunteer has done his work in Ifugao State University.

Dr. Riley was introduced to the IFSU Family during the Monday flag raising ceremony on April 10. He stayed in IFSU for seven months to assist in the curriculum and instruction enhancement through Outcomes Based Education (OBE).

Dr. Riley is an Emeritus Professor, Department of Mathematics and Science Education at University of Georgia, United States of America.

College of Education (COE) organized a farewell party for Dr. Riley at the Audio Visual Room, University Library attended by the faculty and staff of the difference colleges of IFSU Main Campus on October 19, 2017 before he leaved to Manila.

The welcome remarks was given by Dr. Diosdado M. Aquino, Campus Executive Director, IFSU Main. In his message, Dr. Aquino shared how Dr. Riley would give his feedback to the syllabi that he checks, while most of us would give a direct remark.

Dr. Riley in the other hand would give his comment in such a way that inspires us more to improve our work.

Meanwhile, an intermission number was given by the Bachelor of Elementary Education-4 students.

An audio visual presentation showing pictures of Dr. Riley with the IFSU Family was rendered to him.

Also, Dr. Manuel P. Malingan III, Assistant Professor shared his encounter with Dr. Riley.

“You may be forgotten in a while but your ideas will remain with us”, said Dr. Malingan.

On the other hand, Dr. Rommel B. Sumeng-ang, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences dedicated two songs to Dr. Riley.

Lannie May E. Santos, Assistant Professor II also gave a message of gratitude to Dr. Riley for the knowledge he shared in the improvement of the College of Computing Science syllabi and for his time in composing letters to each educator whose syllabi he checked.

Also, Dr. Janice P. Milo, Dean, College of Criminal Justice Education had given her message of gratitude to Dr. Riley.

Likewise, Dr. Alice Y. Brawner, Dean, COE also gave a message of gratitude for the time, work and opportunity that Dr. Riley has given to IFSU.

Lastly, Karen A. Puguon, Assistant Professor III shared the concept of the Peace Corps Response Unit that she learned from Dr. Riley.

First, Volunteerism – You could do more when you volunteer.

Second, Response – Opportunity will always be opportunity when we don’t give appropriate response.

Third, Potential – Always have faith in your potential. All of us have potential, what’s lacking is our faith to ourselves.

After that, Dr. Riley gave his response message and shared his experiences with the IFSU Family from Manila to Ifugao.

At the end of the program, the participants clothed Dr. Riley in the Ifugao garment.

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