My Experience with Entrepreneurship

 05 - 07 - 18
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My Experience with Entrepreneurship
Leanne P. Saromines
STEM 11 Student

Growing up, I always look up to the people behind every successful business that started from scratch. Their stories of struggles and successes were my favorite bedtime stories at a very young age. When I grew up though, my interest began to change. Because of my interests in tactics and numbers, I changed from wanting to become a businesswoman to aiming medical doctor. It has always fascinated me to see people contribute economically to my beloved country.

I pursued my desire in the medical field by enrolling in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) strand. I felt that the clean, white scrub suit represented my earnest desire to become a doctor despite my other desire to join the business world. Yet, SPAC didn’t fail me. I was very grateful to find myself in the entrepreneurship class, despite my strand choice. Because of Entrepreneurship, I got a glimpse into the business world. Instead of being plain and boring, the experience of actually engaging into a business, however small it is, has brought out the challenge in me to do my best. I didn’t only make my money grow, but also experienced how it is to be part of the industry.

Looking back, the actual experience of being an entrepreneur has been a real challenge, especially for us from different strand, but the learnings were real. They have been life-changing.

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