MHAM Associate Dean for Basic Sciences rocks International Congress in Aesthetic Medicine as event speaker

 06 - 16 - 18
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1st International Congress in Aesthetic Medicine with MHAM Associate Dean for Basic Sciences, Dr. Allan R. Librando (3rd, seated)

Gearing for the latest trends and concepts in Aesthetics in the world of Medicine, the MHAM Associate Dean for Basic Sciences graced the first ever International Congress in Aesthetic Medicine: Latest Trends & Concepts in Aesthetics as a speaker which was held at the Garden Ballroom, EDSA Shangri-La Plaza Hotel, Ortigas Centre, Mandaluyong City, Manila last May 27, 2018.

MHAM Associate Dean for Basic Sciences, Allan R. Librando, MD, MBA

A diplomate of Philippine Academy of Aesthetic and Age Management Medicine Inc. (PAAAMMI) in Anti Aging Medicine and a fellow of International College of Surgeons (ICS), Dr. Allan R. Librando, graciously addressed some pressing points in Aesthetic Medicine as he rocked the topic on “Let’s Rock our Health, an Introduction to Intravenous Biotherapy”.

Combining the right mixture of relevance and expertise on the current yet surprising developments in Aesthetics, the MHAM Associate Dean was also the Organizing Chairman of the first ever international gathering participated by more than a hundred cosmetic surgeons, aesthetic dermatologists, regenerative doctors, oculoplastic surgeons, specialists and multi-specialty physicians.

Joining him as speakers and moderators include Dr. Charlotte Granado-Dizon, Dr. Jung-min Lee, Dr. Soe Win Oo, Dr. Diana Cristy Manuel, Dr. Ruby Ruth Roces, Dr. Qunicy Raya, Dr. Roderick Julius Azores and Dr. Oro Ricardo Quiñones.

Driven by his advocacy with international standards on aesthetic and management care, wellness and endurance for effective health care service, Dr. Librando demonstrated the new techniques in Aesthetics during his invaluable talk.

The JR Technique

As the medical aesthetic industry continued to achieve unprecedented breakthroughs with the new set of emerging products and techniques, the aesthetic surgeons and specialists also play a role in shaping the future of Aesthetic Medicine with its newest and fast changing field of modern medicine in a digital world.

The MR Technique

Appointed as the Associate Dean for Basic Sciences since 2011, Dr. Librando is also the Chairman in Anatomy and Histology Department. He finished Doctor of Medicine in 1973 as a MHAM graduate and pursued his medical practice on Family Medicine and Surgery, Integrative Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine.

With MHAM Alumnus & Associate Dean…

In an interview with the Associate Dean, he cited that all speakers were mandated by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) to submit the abstract of their topics accompanied by evidence based on research.

MHAM Associate Dean for Basic Sciences, Allan R. Librando, MD, MBA

Interview with Dr. Allan R. Librando…

Joined by other event speakers and experts from Australia, South Korea, USA, Austria, Singapore and Malaysia, Dr. Librando was one of the selected speakers to grace the aforementioned international gathering of medical experts.

“I was one of those selected to give my special piece on Intravenous Biotherapy. As Filipino doctors many of us were asked to submit our abstract but not so many of us were selected, only a very few and I guess I am lucky that my topic was accepted by PRC. I feel so proud about it and hopefully we can have more of that in the future and in other countries as well”, said the Associate Dean in an interview.

With MHAM Associate Dean for Basic Sciences, Allan R. Librando, MD, MBA

With today’s trend for instant and convenient foods in the market with poor nutrition, the MHAM alumnus stated that his topic was primarily centered on basic nutrition to improve diets and help reduce the prevalence of various illnesses in the population. “It is very basic to check our basic nutrition which is more often forgotten by most of the practitioners now, that is why we have a lot of diseases because most of the treatments now are mainly focused on the latest brands of medicine that we can give to the patients. More often these new brands of medicines in the market now are not attending to the nutritional deficiency of the patients because they are just working on the various organs without taking into consideration the nutritional aspect of the person. We have to know that if we are healthy our nutritional supplement is balance, we call it homeostasis, then we won’t get sick but if any of our system is lacking in nutrition it can be limping just like an engine. Poor nutrition, because of the onset of processed food revolution and comfort foods can contribute health risks”, he added.

Words from the MHAM Associate Dean for Basic Sciences…

As wellness comes in all forms, the role of aesthetics is so important with a major impact on the human body not only on the physical but on the psychological effects as well. “Well actually aesthetics is more on enhancement and rejuvenation.  Even young boys and girls go to aesthtic doctors to correct this, to correct that, and everything. Being an anti aging practitioner I want to make my patients feel and look happy by restoring their health with surgical intervention. It’s not that we are trying to defy God but if you have the money, resources, time and attitude to do it then why don’t you do it if it can boost your self esteem and improve your working capacity. Everybody wants to look younger and nobody wants to age”, he concluded.

‘Everybody wants to look younger and nobody wants to age” – Dr. Allan R. Librando on Aesthetics…

Serving for thirteen years in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa as the Medical Director and Chief Surgeon, Dr. Librando also served for three consecutive years as President for three societies, namely; Philippine Academy of Family Physicians Cebu (2004-2006), Philippine Academy of Integrative Medicine and Homotoxicology (2005-2007) and Philippine Academy of Aesthetic and Age Management Medicine Inc. Cebu (2009 up to present).

With the MHAM alumnus…

In addition to his medical career, he was offered more than once by the MHAM President and Chairman of the Board, Mrs. Elma Aznar-Sierra for the deanship designation but he refused with modesty believing that others can do it as well. Had it not been on the political turmoil in Nigeria twice, he is not with MHAM until today. Started as a professor in 1995, he was then appointed being the Assistant Dean but somehow he became inactive. As history folds on its own, he became the Associate Dean up to present. He was also offered for deanship from other medical institutions here and abroad but he refused it at once because his heart belongs to MHAM.

With the Associate Dean for Basic Sciences, Allan R. Librando, MD, MBA

Having been served for several years with passion into teaching, Dr. Librando was raised by his parents who were both educators during their time. His father was the first Science and Mathematics Supervisor of Cebu City while his mother was also a school principal.

Moreover, the Associate Dean is also supervising the MHAM Caduceus Rescue Unit (CRU) which aims to produce highly capable medical students undertaking rescue operations in times of emergency and disaster. Today, the CRU, with its growing members provide free services to the partner communities under his direction.

His clinic, the LIBRANDO MEDICAL CLINIC is located at #40 Century Plaza Hotel, Juana Osmeña St., Cebu City.

A plaque of appreciation goes to Dr. Allan R. Librando…

Dr. Arn Evange Mendoza, another MHAM faculty, also participated the first ever International Congress in Aesthetic Medicine.

Keeping a roster of dedicated faculty members, today, MHAM is taking pride of its alumna-faculty who are engaging and developing their professional competence in the local and global communities as event speakers. Well-versed in science and art of the profession, Dr. Librando and the rest of the faculty are putting into practice of a mentor’s responsibility to guide the students to improve their skills to become globally-competitive through their teaching strategies. (Ana Liza Abao)



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