Message from the Superintendent

 06 - 17 - 14
Philippine Merchant Marine Academy News


In solid partnership with the Department of Transportation (DOTr) together with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), we at PMMA are committed to continuously improve our way of rendering public service to the general public by ensuring lines of communication are always open geared towards an effective and efficient public service.

Part of our commitment to the Filipino people is to be a catalyst of positive change. We endeavor to adapt to the fast-pace changing world of the maritime sector and to consistently adjust our operational capabilities to meet head-on the ever increasing demand for a competent and skillful merchant marine officer always ready to heed the call for developmental actions benefiting a great number of our citizenry.

Our graduates constantly serve as Ambassadors of Goodwill, for they circle the different parts of the globe on board various international seagoing vessels bringing with them the positive tenets inculcated upon them during their Academy days, which is "RIGHTEOUSNESS, HUMILITY, AND COURAGE". The Corps of Midshipmen, once they are able to complete their studies are also ready to join the major service command of the Armed Forces and the National Police in our quest for Peace and Safety of the Filipino People.

Being compliant to various international maritime certifications and accreditations for quality in maritime education, we are always bound to be sensitive of our actions, ensuring at all times that we maintain a high degree of operational readiness and quality in public service all geared towards national growth and development aligned with the national thrust of developmental efforts by the national government.

We fully subscribe to the Constitutional precept that "A Public Office is a Public Trust." Feel free to get in touch with us for any matters within our jurisdictional ambit and competence and we will assure you of our prompt feedback, whenever and wherever you may be!

In behalf of the men and women composing the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA), the Corps of Midshipmen, the Corps of Professors, and other mutual beneficial partners, allow me to invite you to visit the revered grounds of PMMA, see what we have to offer for your satisfaction.

Take a tour of the PMMA website, get to know what PMMA is all about and what we seek to achieve.

PMMA your partner in progress!!!


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