Message from the Superintendent

 06 - 17 - 14
Philippine Merchant Marine Academy News


My heartfelt congratulations to the graduating class of 2019!

It gives me much pleasure and pride to greet you all on this joyful milestone.

This rewarding moment of your graduation marks the end of burning the midnight oil spent studying your lessons and absorbing all the theories that our learning institution has provided you with.

A few years ago, you were part of the more-than-7000 hopefuls who took the entrance examination on the last Saturday of September. From then on, your life has been a roller coaster ride of intellectual challenges, physical activities, reasoning, and analytical rigor. By passing this test, you’ve proven yourself worthy of moving on to the next processes, which you have successfully hurdled until today. You are the crème de la crème, the fittest who survived.

By being such, much is also expected from you. Having successfully gone this far, you will soon become the leaders, change-makers, critical thinkers and visionaries of the maritime industry. That much challenge is expected from the graduates of PMMA. Embrace those challenges, celebrate them. Fulfill them.

The complex maritime industry seems insurmountable and cumbersome to some. While this may be true at some point, PMMA graduates have 199 years of tradition and excellence that arm each and every one of you with the skills and attitude that you need. Hence, you need not worry, for PMMA has prepared you well.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, you will be bringing with you the name of our Alma Mater. Take care of it. Apply your excellence to achieve honorable ends. Never forget our tenets of Kawastuhan, Kababaang Loob, Kagitingan. To serve our country and our people with righteousness, humility and courage to do what is right, is the greatest honor that you can do for PMMA.

Again, congratulations and make PMMA proud!


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