Making the Most Out of the Best Colleges in Manila

 09 - 28 - 17
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Upon deciding what school to attend for college, it’s either you’re thrilled to start your first day or still a little nervous on what college life you’ll have – or maybe both. But it’s time to face this amazing new chapter of your young adult life, focusing on learning and enjoying your tertiary education. So the question is:

How do you make the most out of the best colleges in Manila?

To be honest, the answer is actually simple. How you manage your time and interact with other people help you make the most out of the best colleges in Manila. You can meet lifelong friends there, mentors who will serve as role models in your college and professional careers.

Study the syllabus

At the start of the term, some instructors allow their students access to the course syllabus to give them a head start should they wish to do advance studying. Unlike your high school teachers who spoon feed you the materials to be discussed, your college professors assume that you are mature enough to manage your own studying habits. Studying the syllabus makes you goal oriented because knowing what you have to study makes it easier for you to prioritize and plan your studying regimen.


Advance study

Now that you have an idea of what to study, it’s time to have an advance reading on the topics you will be taking up in the classroom. The best colleges in Manila offer the most practical and updated courses, and there is a chance that some lessons you have not even heard of when you were in high school. As mentioned, your professors are least likely to spoon feed you of everything you need to know. Reading your lessons in advance helps you understand the lessons better because you don’t have to cram.


At least the night before classes, do a research about the topics on the syllabus. You don’t have to learn it all at once. Just read to have an idea of what the main points of the lessons are, so you won’t feel lost when the professors start discussing.


Don’t procrastinate

Some can work better when they are working on an immediate deadline, but it doesn’t work for everyone. It’s also not a good habit to procrastinate because doing so can sometime compromise the integrity of your work.  Remember that each class you take are important, regardless if they are core subjects or electives. Don’t wait until the night before, or worse the day of, to do and finish your requirements. Get them done weeks beforehand, so you can have more time to revise your work.


Find your passion

Confucius once said ‘Choose a job you love, and you never have to work a day in your life’, Some professionals say that they hate their job because it’s not something they are passionate about, or because they did not want to do it in the first place. These people are more likely to easily get burned out in their job and would easily lose the motivation to be better at what they do.


Don’t be one of those people

Find what you are passionate about and find a course that fits your interests. You may still be a student today and your interests may change as you mature, but your passion will stay with you for a long time. Studying a course that is aligned to your passion and interests will make you love it even more. You will be more motivated to do better, and even excel in your studies which can help you make the most out of your college life.


Work with others

Not only will it make tasks easier, working with other people helps improve your interpersonal skills. When you work on your own and get stuck on something, you are most probably to give up because you don’t have other people to share your problem with. Working with others may also show you other ways to solve a problem than the one you are using. It may require a lot of people skills, but it’s a good training since the work in the real world will always include teamwork.


Get involved

Don’t feel limited with hanging out with just your roommates, or your high school friends! The best way to make the most out of the best colleges in Manila is to get involved in school approved activities and organizations. Besides the reason that there are many good organizations fit for your interests, it’s also a good way to start building your social network.


Be open to change

The experience of studying in the best colleges in Manila may be leaps different from what you experienced in high school. These schools participate in local and international activities, that’s why they have higher standards than others and in order to meet these standards, you may have to do away with your old habits so you can become the best student you can be.


Be open to the changes college life will bring you. You may have to change your studying habits, how you manage your time and even how you mingle with people. Don’t be afraid of these changes and embrace them instead. These changes mean that you are maturing into an adult who’s ready for the professionalism adulthood requires.


The best way it make the most of of college is to be open to change and embrace it. The best colleges in Manila let their students explore different opportunities and tackle challenges which can help them improve their skills. Be open to accept these, even if they may be outside your comfort zone. It’s a great way to learn new things and meet different people.


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