06 - 18 - 19
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Here are some reminders from @ussco 2019

Your safety is one of our highest priorities. For that, we will take every reasonable step to ensure the safety of everyone attending the Tribute to Parents. We will be implementing several important security measures in conjunction with University Security Office. The following are reminded to the attendees:
1. We encourage you to arrive early to avoid delays and speed the entry of all attendees.
2. Present your invitation/program upon entering the UCC/Maingate.
3. Strictly No ID, No entry in the UCC for the parents.
4. PROHIBITED items inside the UCC: backpacks, hats & bonnets, Umbrellas, Jackets, sealed packages of any kind, noisemaking devices, alcohol, weapons, and pets/animals.
5. Any other items deemed inappropriate or dangerous by the Security Personnel, in their sole discretion.

*During the Tribute to Parents the following are reminded to the students:
1. Claim your snacks and tokens at the tents put up by the USSCO; present your invitation upon claiming.
2. Students may give their snacks to their parents upon entering the UCC but should keep the tokens themselves.
3. Students should guide their parents to their designated area upon entering the UCC and should proceed directly to the upper bleachers according to the college’s designated area.

*Your cooperation, patience and understanding are greatly appreciated as we enhance and expand the security efforts to make the conduct of the series activities safe and successful. Thank you 			<a  href=First Appeared on Central Mindanao University

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