03 - 20 - 17
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Selfishness and laziness, pride and stress, miscommunication and misunderstanding, and most of all disunity are the common causes for an organization to crumble. These culprits are like termites that gradually gnaw on a foundation, and gradually but surely weaken it until  it disintegrates. These can really easily destroy an organization. But not LEGITE.


LEGITE, the official seminary publication, is not just an organization of seminarians but a group of aspiring writers. These writers make the LEGITE, known as the heart of the Seminary, beat and be alive  with the news and trivia regularly posted  on the LEGITE news board, as well as with the  periodic magazine-type issues that feature seminarians’ thoughts, reflections, arts,  imaginations, and reports. An addition to the already tedious seminary formation, the work of the staffers  requires not just  the talent and skill in writing, but also a stretch of sacrifices that could require adding another hour to the already 24 hours a day, or another day to the already seven days a week. If that is so, it could have been that even STRESS alone could topple down the LEGITE.


But nope. The staffers know what can counteract stress. The whole package is labeled with this strong antidote: UNITY. And for LEGITE, unity means only three letters: DPB—  Division of Labor, Bonding, and Prayer.


In the LEGITE, each staffer has his own responsibility. Like in the human body, each staffer acts as an important organ that functions to make the whole organization work. But while doing their respective tasks, the staffers support one another. In the organization, each one has a buddy responsible for him, who knows his whereabouts, and who can assist him when his task gets tougher. Furthermore, to check the progress on the work and to   strengthen the bond,   the LEGITE sets a regular meeting at the publications’ office every Tuesday after lunch. In the system of work and support, the staffers create a special bond which results to the sense of brotherhood.


But the LEGITE bonding is not confined only within the realm of work. The staffers socialize to level up personal relationships with one another. Aside from the weekly meetings, the staffers hold Christmas party together, the highlight of  which is the traditional exchanging of gifts.  The LEGITE has two major evaluation-planning overnight outings: one at the end of the first semester, and another at the end of the school year. Though work-related, the outings serve as an avenue of getting to know more of one another personally, thus developing an even  closer relationship.


But man-driven relationships can never be enough to persevere and withstand. The main ingredient for anything to stay whole is none other than the GRACE of God. The LEGITE has always recognized God’s providence and intervention in unifying the organization and in making it succeed in its tasks. God has provided the LEGITE generous benefactors to fully support its financial needs. While the LEGITE receives financial support from the contributions of the seminarians in the purchase  of office supplies and for the needed maintenance, the benefactors shoulder the greater bulk of the needs  like in the purchase of the working table and chairs, computer and printers, even the digital camera, including the night-out evaluation expenses, and most of all the printing of the major issue that comes out at the end of the school year.  That is why the LEGITE has never stopped showing its gratitude to God as well as to its benefactors through a get-together every Thursday for  a special prayer of thanksgiving, as well as of supplication for good health and graces especially for  its benefactors.


The LEGITE has lived, and with the unfailing support of the IHMS administrators,  and the guidance of the Organization’s patron Saint Francis de Sales, the LEGITE intends to live in unity to continue its task for the seminarians and for the love of IHMS.

-Sem. Kim Louise A. Laganson and Sem. Silvester Ferdie D. Lansang

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